Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Serial killer suspect Felix Vail held onto women’s earrings, perfume samples

Women's earrings found inside Felix Vail's home
Mississippi native and serial killer suspect Felix Vail held onto more than a dozen earrings and other assorted women’s jewelry in his home in Canyon Lake, Texas.

Are these items that women left behind from visits with him? If so, why didn’t he return them?

Enzo Yaksic, founder of the Serial Homicide Expertise and Information Sharing Collaborative, said the earrings could be mementoes — items that revive memories.

Vail is the last known person seen with three women: his wife, Mary, whose body was recovered from a river in Lake Charles, La., in 1962; his common law wife, Sharon Hensley, who disappeared in 1973; his teenage bride, Annette, who disappeared in 1984.

In May, a grand jury indicted him for the murder of his wife, Mary. He maintains he had nothing to do with her death or the disappearances of the other women.

Vail, now 74, claims to have slept with hundreds and hundreds of women and lived with 40 different women. He repeatedly referred to women as “whores,” but doesn’t view himself as promiscuous.

His journals, obtained by The Clarion-Ledger, number more than 2,400 pages — much of them a collection of his day-to-day activities, including his sexual exploits.

In a May 24, 1985, entry, he went to bed with one woman in Tulsa, Okla., waited till she fell asleep and slipped away to have sex with a different woman. Hours later, he returned.

In addition to saving women’s jewelry, Vail collected advertisements with women’s images and many samples of women’s perfume, adding to the odd collection.

Are there women out there who recognize these earrings as theirs? What, if anything, can they tell us about Vail?


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