Tuesday, May 15, 2012

United Color of Benetton Knockout Collection

Color me impressed but United Color of Benetton has just manged to dazzle me with their collection of fragrance for both men and women. So this summer seaosn if you wanted to smell as fresh as they come, pick yourself one of their many bottles. I know I have bought at least three different kinds of their collection for me and three for Roa. The United Color of Benetton ensures that Spring is the longest season of the year because  that's how you will be smelling all year around.  

This is a light fragrance type noting overpowering and nothing that might be detected by people in proximity. So go ahead and be generous, it does smell good and it sticks, but this is a light scent. Lights does not have to be simple, it's just right. 

Take for example "Cold" is actually one of my favorite scents right now. It's not because it's shockingly original or the most delicious smelling cologne ever. It's just simple, very citrusy and light and doesn't have any kind of stigma. Wearing it doesn't say anything in particular.

As a general rule, this collection doesn't scream "sexy" or "business" or anything really, it's just a nice fragrance. I usually wear it as a body splash after a shower, or if I'm going to the gym, or some place with friends where I just want to smell good. It's supposedly a "unisex" scent although it smells more like a men's cologne to me. "Cold"'s counterpart "Hot" is also great but is clearly feminine, I gave it to Roa and she loved it.

Since I bought "Hot"'s counterpart "Cold" for myself and loved it so much and Roa thought she'd try Hot as well since it is supposedly also unisex. After a sniff I definately discovered while Cold might be unisex, Hot is very feminine. Luckily I thought it smelled trendy enough that my sister would like it and she did! I must admit it smells good, very rich and floral. I always recommend testing a perfume before buying it (they smell differently on all skin types) but at this price I couldn't resist and I won't critique you if you don't either. Trust me, both Hot and Cold smell fantastic.. Hot is perhaps even better, but only for women.. Cold is great for either.

 To sum up Benetton prices their collection in a way that would not break the bank, this is one inexpesive fragrance that smells so expensive. So if you are young, hip and like a good scent, give it a whiff.