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5 Summer Colognes That Won’t Overpower Your Senses

Summer is almost here friends, which means it may be time to switch out that cologne you love so much. Stronger scents may be fine in the colder months, but when it gets hot and sweaty and crowded, the last thing anyone wants to smell is overpowering cologne. So, with this in mind, here are five lighter scents that are perfect for summer.
Marc Jacobs Men
Perhaps the best cologne for the warmer months, Marc’s woodsy scent uses notes of masculine florals and figs, which smell amazing. It was the first scent the designer ever produced for men, after the success of his feminine fragrances, and it’s safe to say he got it right on the first try. ($70, 4.2 oz Eau de Toilette Spray)
Prada Luna Rossa
The newest men’s fragrance from Prada is sporty but light, with some more feminine notes like lavender and orange essence. It is not too pungent, but will stay with you all day, something that makes a big difference in the summer. ($82, 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray)
Bvlgari Por Homme
For all you brokers and bankers, this 15-year-old scent from the folks at luxury brand Bvlgari has got all the scent staples you love, musk, amber, dry woods, but is not too overpowering. Perfect for those weekends in the Hamps after a day on the boat. ($59, 1.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray)
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Living Stromboli
We’ll admit, the name of this limited edition run of the popular Light Blue cologne brings to mind the fragrance of fried dough and sauce, but it is actually a reference to the Stromboli province on the coast of Italy. A relaxing, seaside getaway, just the kind of thing this scent brings to mind — after you smell it is. ($60, 2.5 oz Eau de Toilette Spray)
Flight Sport by Michael Jordan
For those who don’t want to break the bank on a new scent this summer, Mr. Jordan actually has just the answer with his Flight Sport scent, offering notes of lavender, vanilla and patchouli and, perhaps more shockingly, being one of the few celeb scents that actually smells good. Who knew? 

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Make Your Own Solid Perfume — It's Easier Than You'd Think

If you have sensitive skin or just can't find any fragrance you love in stores, then why not make your own signature scent with natural ingredients? In her book Scents & Sensibilities: Creating Solid Perfumes for Well-Being, Mandy Aftel provides a recipe for creating your own solid perfume. While the talented perfume maker sells a variety of scented solids on her website, you can create these thoughtful and easy gifts for your friends and loved ones on your own. Learn how to make these customized compacts when you read more.

The Steps:

In a beaker or small bowl, combine 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil with 20 drops of essential oil. Example: 7 drops of ylang ylang and 13 drops of grapefruit (see more of Aftel's combos below). She recommends your local health food store as a go-to place for inexpensive oils.
Melt 1/2 teaspoon of grated beeswax over heat.
Mix oils and wax together, then pour into a small container. Aftel recommends using antique cases, small tins, or lip balm jars — basically anything that closes with a latch, is not too deep, and is rounded in shape. Your solid will set in about 10 minutes.
Other Scent Combinations to Try:

Clary sage and rosewood
Patchouli with either rose, ylang ylang, or frankincense
Plain vanilla extract will work too — imitation not allowed

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Charlotte Olympia’s Perfume Clutches

For her Spring 2013 collection, Charlotte Olympia combined two things– outside of diamonds– that a girl loves most, perfume and the perfect little clutch.

The designer, known for her whimsical and often times nostalgic designs, was inspired by the “je ne sais quoi of vintage Parisian style.” Her inspiration resulted in colored perspex clutches made in the image of vintage perfume bottles of the bygone era. Like many Charlotte Olympia designs, they are quirky and charming and in this instance, perfect for when your outfit need a litte je ne sais quoi.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Virginia Tech Is Making Perfume And Cologne Now Everyone

Virginia is for Lovers and people who like perfume.

Everyone wants to smell like a hokie, right? Right. Well, if you're a Virginia Tech student, or alumnus, or hanger-on, you'll soon be able to do just that. VT is developing fragrances for men and women.

So starting in August, all the faceless poon you lure back to your room when you're blacked out will ostensibly smell the same, too. Masik Collegiate Fragrances, which is reportedly an actual thing, has set up camp inside the Blacksburg bookstore and is testing different perfumes on the kids. This sounds like a historically terrible idea, but Masik is getting a lot of support. On Friday, students still on campus tested a bunch of different scents, three of which will be chosen for each gender.

It's pomposity in its highest form, but let's be honest. It'll probably be a hit.

Stella McCartney signs perfume deal with P&G

Procter & Gamble has signed a license deal with Stella McCartney to produce designer fragrances.

Starting in September, the consumer products giant will develop and market new initiatives under the Stella McCartney brand name. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Stella McCartney is a truly iconic global brand with a modern, naturally sexy and confident approach to fashion,” said Joanne Crewes, President, P&G Prestige, in a statement. “She has a unique, responsible approach to luxury and design. We look forward to extending that approach to beauty even further.”

Already an apparel line, Stella McCartney does not use any leather or fur in designs or allow any animal testing. Stella McCartney is a joint venture with luxury apparel-maker Kering and the famed animal rights activist and vegetarian.

P&G said adding Stella McCartney’s brand enhances its portfolio of perfumes and fragrance products that includes SK-II, Hugo Boss, Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci, Lacoste, James Bond 007 and Puma.

“I just feel like we can do really wonderful things and explore the world of beauty, together, as a team,” Stella McCartney said in a statement.

P&G’s fragrance business is part of its $20 billion beauty division that accounts for 24 percent of all sales. The company’s beauty business is dominated by Pantene and Head & Shoulders shampoos and Olay skin care.


Billionaire revealed in NH as perfume maker’s stock debuts

A fifth billionaire has been unmasked in the German family behind perfume maker Coty Inc., which debuted on the New York Stock Exchange Thursday. And she lives in New Hampshire.

Andrea Reimann-Ciardelli, 56, sold her stake in Joh. A. Benckiser, the Reimann family’s closely held investment company, in 2003 for almost $1 billion, according to a person familiar with the terms of the deal who asked not to be identified because the transaction was private. She has a fortune valued at $1.2 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Reimann-Ciardelli resides in Hanover, N.H. Her four adopted siblings — Renate Reimann-Haas, 61, Wolfgang Reimann, 61, Stefan Reimann-Andersen, 49, and Matthias Reimann-Andersen, 48 — each owns 24 percent of JAB, which is led by a trio of outside executives. Their stakes are collectively worth about $19 billion, according to the ranking.

“The Reimanns like to work outside the public eye,” said Dr. Andreas von der Gathen, partner at Bonn, Germany-based management consulting firm Simon-Kucher & Partners, who’s advised Coty. “The more secret, the less trouble.”

Elke Neujahr, a spokeswoman for the Reimanns, declined to comment on the family’s net worth calculations.

Coty, maker of perfumes endorsed by Beyonce and Heidi Klum, raised about $1 billion in an initial public offering Wednesday, pricing the shares at the midpoint of the proposed range. The company’s owners, including the Reimann family, sold 57.1 million shares for $17.50 each, according to a statement, after offering them for $16.50 to $18.50 apiece.

The Reimann family has been expanding its interests in consumer goods and has spent $11 billion in the past 12 months acquiring three coffee businesses, including D.E Master Blenders 1753 NV for $9.8 billion. The company withdrew its $10 billion bid for door-to-door cosmetics seller Avon Products Inc. in May 2012.

The four billionaires have been consolidating their control of the company since the 1984 death of their father, Albert Reimann, who had nine adopted children, each of whom inherited 11.1 percent of JAB. In 1996, they bought out four siblings their father had adopted from his sister, Else Dubbers. Seven years later, they financed the purchase of Reimann-Ciardelli’s stake by selling 60 million shares of publicly traded Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc.

The Reimanns still own more than 10 percent of Reckitt Benckiser, the Slough, England-based manufacturer of Durex condoms and Nurofen painkillers. They also own all of Labelux Group, which operates luxury retail brands Bally and Jimmy Choo, and Coty, which they bought in 1992 for about $440 million from New York-based Pfizer, the world’s largest drugmaker.

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Iris Nazarena The Odorless Flower Like Perfume Arrives

Greenwich Village perfumer Aedes de Venustas has created a new perfume that attempts to capture the essence of a rare flower. The iris only grows in the mountains east of Nazareth and iris flowers don’t have a scent so the fragrance is inspired by the color, texture and pattern of it’s blossom.

The iris has brown or purple spots and delicate bluish-purple veins. The perfume ‘Iris Nazarena’ features ambrette, aromatic juniper berry, star anise, and rose to add a touch of floral sensuality.

Patchouli and vetiver allude to its roots, driven into the dark earth, and there are also leather, incense, musk and clove notes. The perfume is packaged in a grey velvet box and a smoky glass vintage-inspired bottle, crowned with Aedes de Venustas’ signature baroque gold cap. The 3.4 oz bottle is available for $245.

Clinique Happy Summer Spray, the 2013 Edition

The summery edition of Happy by Clinique,  Happy Summer Spray is out, coming this year with a naïve, child-like drawing of a big, colorful flower with a large rosy mouth...

It's a message that we can all understand to mean that happiness is in simple things and that we ought to keep our hearts open to it like children least that's our take. Happiness is as simple as a daisy and sunshine in a meadow, which come to think of it is not that easy to come by these days. But let's brush skepticism aside and smell the flowers.

Initially launched in 2007, the fair-weather variation on Clinique Happy features notes of white flowers, West Indian mandarin, golden magnolia and ruby red grapefruit.

"A hint of citrus. A wealth of flowers. A mix of emotions. Wear it and be happy in this light edition just for summer."

Price is $60 for 3.4 fl oz. of Eau de Toilette.


Police on scent of perfume thieves

Police are on the scent of two perfume thieves who made off with a small fortune in perfume ... literally.
They said the women's perfumes, which the thieves were likely to try to sell, would not be worth much.
Although the Greensborough pharmacist that was robbed has not revealed the brands of perfume involved, police believe perfume may be out the thieves' field of experience.

The other man police are looking for.
Senior Constable Mark Ward said the men were most likely intending to sell the perfumes, as they were "obviously not going to use the perfume themselves".

"We are asking anyone to who may have been approached to buy cheap perfume to contact Crime Stoppers," he said.

The men stole six to seven bottles of perfume on Wednesday, May 22, most likely with the intention to resell cheaply.

A Victoria police spokesman said the bottles were worth a "small amount of money".
Photos of the two men have been released, with both described as Caucasian, and around 180cm tall, with one of the suspects sprouting facial stubble.

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Report: Notre Dame Is Releasing A Perfume Ahead Of The College Football Season

Notre Dame grads, now you can smell just like your alma mater at any given time. That’s right, the school is releasing a perfume ahead of the 2013 college football season. The school is working on the project with Cloudbreak Group, a marketing company set up in New York City, to bring you a fragrance designed to evoke memories of being on-campus. Christian Post reported the news Tuesday night.

How much will it cost to smell like South Bend? The price will be set at $60 per bottle, according to Sports Business Daily.

From Christian Post:

As Commonweal magazine reports, the decision of the Midwestern university to work with the Cloudbreak Group on this product may prove beneficial, as the marketing group previously created a New York Yankees perfume and cologne which ultimately exploded into a $10 million business.

Apparently this has been done in the past at both LSU and North Carolina, so there is some precedent with universities releasing their own fragrances.

Any guesses as to what “scents” the Notre Dame perfume will feature?

Welcome in Summer with a New Bottle of Perfume

Old World Fragrances, LLC wants to celebrate summer by giving away a bottle of their flagship fragrance, Frond eau de Parfum.
Old World Fragrances is a distributor of unique fragrances in the United States
They are giving away one bottle of their flagship fragrance, Frond eau de Parfum.
To participate, follow @OldWorldFragran on Twitter and Tweet this: "RT to be entered for a bottle of perfume from @OldWorldFragran #FrondPerfume
One bottle to be awarded. Enter no more than once a day. Only U.S. residents are eligible to win.
The contest begins June 1, 2013 and ends at midnight June 14, 2013 PST.
Old World Fragrances wants to welcome in the summer by introducing the public to one of their favorite scents, Frond eau de Parfum.
For complete contest rules and entry information, please visit Facebook/OldWorldFragrances.
About Old World Fragrances
They are a U.S. fragrance import company selecting unique, eco-friendly fragrances that are not widely available in the United States. Currently they are working on their own line of spa soaps and scented palm was candles as well.
Frond, was discovered by owner Debbie Gallant while traveling in Ireland at a quaint perfumery, The Burren Perfumery. Her passion for travel and fragrances led her to open Old World Fragrances. Every fragrance sold at their online boutique has been personally selected by Ms. Gallant

Charlotte Olympia’s Perfume Clutches Inspired By The Glamour of Paris

Oh, glamorous Paris! There’s something about Paris that never goes out of style. The city of “très chic” and romance, with the boutiques, the lights, the flowers and the outstanding passion for fashion, inspired the designer Charlotte Olympia, to create a collection of perfume clutches.

Living ” la vie en rose” and walking down the boulevards of Paris can be a wonderful and uplifting experience. The city is, undoubtedly, elegant and nostalgic. It has that “quelque chose” that makes you dream and explore your most sensitive side. Imagine a woman getting ready for a night out at the restaurant. The perfume, the make-up, the sexy little black dress. A complex process that makes her rock the world. Each woman has her collection of favorite fragrances. And each fragrance comes bottled in small and stylish flacons, that reflect the very own character of the perfume. Charlotte Olympia wanted to give to this small and fashionable item a better defined personality and a function. So, she transformed her favorite (vintage) perfumes into accessories.

The collection boasts four different clutches, all colored, transparent and with a retro perfume bottle shape. Price: $1,295. 

Shakira poses with Cheetahs? New Wild perfume

Shakira is a fearless performer. The star first took on Blake Shelton during The Voice with her contestants and now she is posing with a pair of cheetahs. The latest daring picture has fans intrigued by the look of the super star and what she might be bringing to a department store in the very near future. On Sunday Shakira released a teaser of her Wild Elixer on Twitter and fans were aghast at how close she was to not one but two cheetahs.

“If you saw the photo of Shak with a pair of cheetahs this week, you'll know that something wild is coming....” tweeted Shakira from her official Twitter account on Sunday. Posing with two Cheetahs in a very natural setting the star looked sexy and bold.

The perfume industry is seeing record numbers of purchases from fans who love to smell similar to the stars they admire. From Shakira to Taylor Swift, the fragrances available are almost overwhelming as each star (including the guys) seems to pitch what they love to smell when it comes to living the good life.
Shakira’s latest perfume hasn’t been described to the fans yet, but everyone is assuming it is going to have some wild themes as her portrait is so brave.


Elixir by Shakira - TV spot (extended version)
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Watch Out For The Anti Perfume: She HATES Perfume!

By Helena 
So me and perfume have never gone together, despite my self-identification as a girly girl.

Can those cards be revoked? Renewed? Because according to Ike, who allegedly violated some "man law" in revealing this to me, women who smell nice are considered very, very sexy, which DUH, but also really?

I looked on stunned as my boyfriend leaned back and closed his eyes, recounting how if a woman passed him on the street wafting the perfect amount of perfume (any perfume), she would instantly be underlined in his book. If two women passed him, both attractive, and only one "smelled nice" then that's the one he'd remember. 

If the stereotypical way to a man's heart is through his stomach than what's the nose lead to? My guess is his loins. And both landmarks are pretty vital on the love train. So I've been reconsidering my zero tolerance stance on smell goods.

It's not like I don't have a few bottles of liquid sexy in the house, I just never use them. They were all gifted to me by one aunt or random coworker some time or another. And they sit prettily on my vanity just begging to be put to good use. Thing is I'm not sure that any of them are me per se, since I'm new to the fragrance game.

This is an interesting read for more 

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Adam Levine’s New Perfume (Adam Levine discusses his line of fragrance )

In a video introducing the new line of scents, Levine attempts to dial down his own rhetoric and explain his about-face. In the video, posted below, Levine notes: “Now, it’s not that I hate celebrities, and it’s not that I hate fragrances. It’s that when I see them, I don’t necessarily believe that the people who were promoting them were particularly connected to what they were making.”

He continues his musings by noting , “You don’t want to be alarmed by a scent” – which sounds like a reasonable place to start building a signature scent – dubbing his own eponymous perfume duo “the anti-celebrity fragrance.” Levine adds, “I think I really created two different scents that are bold and unique, and make people feel good about themselves. God, I mean, that’s a good thing to do.” Adam Levine perfume is now available for $65, while Adam Levine’s dignity is clearly priceless.

Read more

Adam Levine discusses his line of fragrance

Beyoncé Knowles on 'playful' perfume

Beyoncé Knowles is expanding her perfume line to include a limited edition version of her classic Heat scent in honour of her current world tour.

The superstar has dedicated her latest fragrance to her fans as a reminder of her special performances.

Entitled Heat The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, the limited edition perfume has the tag line 'introducing a new kind of fire,' which is a reference to the original concept behind the 2010 fragrance.

"I love my music, I love performing and most of all I love and appreciate my fans," the singer stated in the official release. "I wanted to give them a special remembrance of this tour and I created this scent to reflect the power, passion and playfulness I put into my performances."

To coincide with the launch, Beyoncé has started a website dedicated to her fragrance pursuits.

Here fans can find out more about her three main perfumes Heat, Heat Rush and Pulse, plus see images from the campaign videos and shop for the products.

Sweet smell of excess for collector with 3,000 perfumes

It might seem barmy to some - but it makes perfect scents to her!

Perfume collector Gail Cherowbrier, 56, has spent thousands of pounds amassing 3,000 bottles of perfume - but doesn’t even wear them.

The fragrance fanatic spends hours each day trawling the internet for rare bottles to display in cabinets which fill her home.

She has spent as much as $1,000 on a bottle of Christian Dior Crystal 1956 and her collection ranges from a 14ft high Dior J’Adore bottle to a one-inch high Chanel piece.

But despite spending four years building her collection, she only ever uses a handful of fragrances in her everyday ‘private’ selection.

Ex-civil servant Gail, from South Yorkshire, said: “I just love the bottles, they’re beautiful.

“I know a lot of people won’t understand it.

“Perfume bottles are quite disposable.

“But I’ve come to appreciate the way the bottles look and I’ve got six double cabinets in my dining room full of them.”


Robert Pattinson the new face of Dior Homme perfume

Actor Robert Pattinson has followed in the footsteps of fellow Brit Jude Law by becoming the face of Dior Homme fragrance.

Law signed up to promote the scent in a series of advertising campaigns in 2010, and now bosses at Christian Dior have opted to hire the Twilight star as their new ambassador.

A statement from the company reads: "The House of Dior is delighted to announce that actor Robert Pattinson is to be the new face of Dior Homme fragrance.

"He has since proven the scope of his acting talents by choosing films as varied as Remember Me by Allen Coulter, Water for Elephants by Francis Lawrence, in which he starred alongside Reese Witherspoon, or with his role as Bel Ami, the famous Maupassant character."


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The perfume diet: New fragrance helps you lose weight

Is the secret to a slender bikini body concealed in a tiny bottle?

Diet Slimming Perfume from VZ Hair and Glamour is being marketed as an all-natural way to drop extra pounds. All you need to do is smell the orange citrus-scented fragrance five times a day to curb your appetite and increase your metabolism.

A brand new weight-loss product has launched to help slimmers ditch those stubborn pounds just in time for bikini season. Diet Slimming Perfume, the slimming booster roll-on perfume is a concentrated perfume made from a blend of seaweed, herbs and essential oils,. When inhaled it aids in reducing appetite and increasing metabolism; two of the key factors in losing weight. Available from VZ Hair and Glamour, which specializes in safe and affordable beauty products, the slimming perfume is already proving to be a revolution for those who want to look their best on the beach this summer. Vee Koppelman, founder of beauty supplies site, VZ Hair and Glamour said, “Diet Slimming Perfume is a fantastic new product for dieters and those keen to lose a few pounds before baring all on the beach or at a summer wedding. It is completely natural and the benefits it offers are incredible, from improving circulation and boosting the immune system, to providing a natural antioxidant which detoxes the body.” Users simply roll the weight loss perfume on their wrists or their hands, inhale it five times per day and then marvel as their appetite decreases and their metabolism gets a boost.

 The concentrated 8ml bottle lasts for one and a half months. The concentrated aromatherapy oils within also have an orange citrus aroma, which is so deliciously refreshing it even doubles as a delightful spring perfume.

How to Store Perfumes

Step 1: Select an opaque, air-tight bottle for your perfume.
• Exposure to sunlight and air causes perfume to break down and have its scent altered over time. Opaque, air-tight bottles protect the perfume from these elements.
• Try to select a perfume that already comes packaged in an opaque, air-tight spray bottle, since transferring the perfume exposes it to air and should be avoided if possible. If the perfume you select is in a clear bottle, or comes in a bottle that is meant for splashing or dabbing, the benefits provided by transferring it to an opaque spray bottle will usually outweigh the damaging effects of the transfer.
• If you prefer to keep your perfume in a bottle with a screw-on lid or stopper, make sure the lid is always twisted on as tightly as possible, or that the stopper forms a tight seal.

Step 2: Limit exposing your perfume to heat and humidity.
• Bathroom cabinets and counters are not ideal storage locations because of the humidity caused by baths and showers.
• Although cool temperatures are ideal for perfume, storing your scent in your refrigerator is not ideal, since the humidity inside refrigerators is not hospitable to perfume.

Step 3: Look for dim locations in which to store your perfume.
• Closets and dresser drawers are better alternatives to displaying the bottles on shelves, counters or vanities. When perfume is displayed openly, the lighting in the room can break down the scent over time.

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Bids lined up for French perfume chain Nocibe

French perfume and cosmetics retailer Nocibe has received expressions of interest from German perfume-to-books group Douglas Holding and from French private equity firm LBO France in an alliance with Chinese conglomerate Fosun, French daily Le Figaro said.

The seller, British private equity group Charterhouse, has pushed back the deadline to enter firm offers to the end of June, the paper said. An LBO France spokesman declined to comment on the report.

The paper said that a successful bid by Douglas Holding would make Nocibe the second-biggest perfume chain in France, behind LVMH-owned Sephora and ahead of Marionnaud.

No agreement has been signed between LBO France and Fosun, which is studying the potential of Nocibe in China, the paper added.

Douglas Holding and Advent, the private equity firm that recently helped to take the company private, both declined to comment on the report. Nocibe was not immediately available for comment.

Fosun is also preparing a bid for French tourism group Club Mediterranee in alliance with AXA Private Equity . (Reporting by Geert De Clercq and Alexandre Boksenbaum-Granier; Additional reporting by Victoria Bryan and Matthias Inverardi; Editing by David Goodman)

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Rochas Les Cascades Songe d'Iris (2013): Blue Lotus

Les Cascades Songe d'Iris is the second installment in the new series begun last year by Rochas consecrated in part to expanding the influence and heritage of their 1970 creation by Michel Manounas, Eau de Rochas, a modern classic. Today's in-house perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez stated that he thought about going back to the place of origin of the fountain of Apollo in Delphi which informed the now matricial creation. A mythological transfer has taken place from the Greek source to Parisian public fountain. Eclats d'Agrumes in particular was about a joyous take on the theme while Songe d'Iris is supposed to be calmer and convey an impression of serenity like the one you can experience when you happen on a quieter corner of the capital city....

Paris is full of forgotten nooks and crannies. It is that more intimate aspect of the city the perfume is meant to capture rather than its window-shopping aspect reflecting the worldwide famous silhouettes of iconic monuments.

Olfactorily speaking, Les Cascades Songe d'Iris reprises part of the signature of Eclats d'Agrumes for continuity while expressing a new atmosphere on that familiar base line. The note of iris can be more reflective, moodier and dreamier than its hesperidic counterparts, and also more elegant although this is certainly debatable as a dry hesperidic perfume can be very understated instead of bursting with vitality, and thanks to this very restraint, elegant.

Duriez added a floral facet that is unusual, a note of water lily which he likes to stress is not usually seen in perfumery. It appears however mentioned for L'Eau d'Issey Homme and is also alluded to in the composition Guerlain Flora Nymphea and Guerlain Mitsouko Fleur de Lotus; Scents of Time Nénufar features it; Lobogal pour Elle, Gap Stay, Aftelier Secret Garden also; Lavanila Passion Fruit uses it as an aphrodisiac in one of their their best-selling perfumes.

The French nose here specifies that it is a daydream about water lily called nénuphar or lotus in French. The color of the advert shot by Giampaolo Sgura and featuring actress Olivia Palermo evokes the mauve color of the paintings of water lilies by Monet.

With its conspicuous mix of Eau de Cologne spirit and barbershop fougère relying on a lavender kick, it plays on a dual level of invigorating accords, something that we translated as feeling like a "tweedy cologne" in the case of Chloé Eau de Fleurs Néroli. The overall result however is not really unisex but more feminine with a suggestion of brash masculinity. This makes it a good scent in our estimation for everyday wear and for active life. It's like getting a little shot of Testosterone in perfume form, without needing to have to shave superfluous hair.

Rest of the review 

Leah’s Fancy Lanvin Perfume

I’ve never been someone who cared that much about having a “scent.”

When I studied abroad in Paris I discovered I really liked the Eau de The Vert fragrance from Roger & Gallet that was in every pharmacy so I just wore that from time to time. Then I scored this little purple bottle of Lanvin Éclat d’Arpège at a Lanvin event and now I’m hooked. This stuff just smells refined and sexy and not at all sweet which is really my only criteria in a scent. I love it and I’m dreading the day I finish it up and have to cough up the nearly $100 price tag to replace it. But I’ll do it because it’s that good.

Nice but very soft,it goes away in one hour.It s fresh and inofensive,the lemon is very present,at least on me,then it s gone. Wonderful spring / summer scent. Very lady-like and refreshing but in a very soft way, not your garden variety drugstore generic scent. Suitable for all ages without coming off as trying too hard. On its own the EDP longetivity is short but layered with the body lotion (at least on my skin), lasts at least 6-8 hours.

Buy It

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The Guide To Sniffing Out Vintage Perfumes

Perfume, like fashion, changes in style from decade to decade. We’re not encouraged to think of perfume this way, but our noses, like our eyes, need novelty. Perfumers, like fashion designers but working in an invisible medium, can decide to use perfume ingredients (that's “notes,” in perfume lingo) not only to create something beautiful, but also to convey meaning and reflect a culture’s zeitgeist.

In the 1920s, when flappers’ loose silhouettes reflected a freer, more liberated view of femininity, tobacco and leather perfumes like Caron’s Tabac Blond and Chanel’s Cuir de Russie (Russian Leather) — scents that even today are considered more more masculine than feminine — were all the rage.

In the 1950s, bullet bras combined with flouncy skirts and rounded shoulders, and the good girl/bad girl dichotomy was represented by stars like squeaky-clean Sandra Dee and va-va-va voom Marilyn Monroe. All this reflected a conflicted view of women’s liberation, and perfumes participated, too. For each Givenchy L’Interdit, the perfume Hubert de Givenchy created for the ladylike gamine of the day, Audrey Hepburn, there was a Max Factor Primitif, which offered to express what was still not entirely socially acceptable for women to express publically: their sexuality. “Why not let your perfume say the things you would not dare to?” a sultry Primitif ad cheekily asks. Why not, indeed?

By the 1980s, post-Women’s Movement, as more women were in the boardroom as well as the bedroom, perfumes got as big as the shoulder pads, jackets, and hair of that era. (So much so that restaurant owners were forced to put up signs saying, “Please. No wearers of Passion, Giorgio, Poison,” the most popular — and nose-and room-clearing — scents of that decade.)

Entire Article 

'Try it first' perfume service boosts sales for The Fragrance Shop

The retailer, which has 146 shops in the UK, including a site at the Westfield Stratford City in east London, said the new service has helped to drive a rise in sales over the last year.

The “try it first” initiative is designed to boost online sales for The Fragrance Shop. It provides customers with a free sample of the purchased fragrance, meaning they can test it before opening the full bottle and return the fragrance for a full refund if they do not like it.

The success of the scheme helped chain to record a 15pc increase in sales to £81m in the year to March 31, with a click-and-collect online ordering service accounting for 17pc of sales.

On a like-for-like basis, sales increased 3.5pc. This helped profits before tax and interest to rise 20pc to £10.2m.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Women Waste Thousands Over A Lifetime On Expensive Perfumes

Admittedly women like to shop, who doesn't? We've been stereotypically branded as shoe and handbag obsessed, but according to market research women spend about $7 billion a year on makeup, and other beauty related products.

In the US alone, 68 percent of women dole out their dollars on beauty products – purchasing two or three times more blush, lipstick and gloss, foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow than they’ll ever need or use. A makeup bag can easily contain a few hundred dollars in the abovementioned enhancements along with brushes to apply them – much of which will expire long before it’s ever used.

Beauty isle real-estate is cutthroat. Often an over-buy can be stimulated by concern a particular product will be in limited supply or discontinued. We also like to impulsively experiment with products, but ultimately we stick to a few tried-and-true favorites – whether it’s a $2 mascara or a $25 eyeliner.

Still the spending and waste can be astronomical as many of the items contain a similar mix of ingredients but are radically priced across a wide spectrum.

A UK market survey sampled 2,100 women, 18 and over, and found many of them spend thousands frivolously over a lifetime – an average of £3,600 (about $5,500 US) – on overpriced fragrances they’ll likely never wear.

Eight percent of respondents admitted they owned upwards of 10 or more unused bottles of the pricey scents. But in the end, used or not, what are they really paying for?

When you purchase a bottle of perfume around the price-point of $100 how much of that is for the contents of the bottle you actually spritz yourself with – some more heavy handed than others? Brace yourself – about $2. The actual liquid concentrate – which includes a mixture of distilled water, alcohol, fragrant oils, and chemical compounds – is the least valuable part of the designer perfume. While the mixture of exotic fragrance creating additives can be expensive, it’s typically introduced in very small concentrations.

The remaining $98, broken down, covers the cost of the bottle and packaging, marketing, licensing, and other random fees – including calculating the manufacturer’s profit and potential overhead. Therefore, for your money’s worth, for those of you who are budget minded, you may want to consider asking for a sample size.

Otherwise you’ll be like the 60 percent of the women polled who unabashedly admitted to re-gifting their unopened perfumes to loved ones instead of allowing them to languish in their bathroom, on a dresser top, or boxed away in a linen closet.

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Carven, Le Parfum (2013): Just A Beautiful Smell

The house of Carven founded at the end of WWII in 1945 have left their mark on the history of perfumes with such classics as Ma Griffe (1946) and Vétiver de Carven (1956), the latter which influenced a succession of great vetiver fragrances like Givenchy Vétyver (1957) and Guerlain Vétiver (1961). This spring of 2013, it's about the introduction of a new opus Carven, Le Parfum which is not an archival perfume but a new creation signed by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. As its name indicates, it is meant to carry a new interpretation of the olfactory signature of the house, in other words it is about being Carven in perfume form for a new era. While playing subtly with the traditional olfactive heritage of the house, it is indeed a novel sillage.

Concomittantly and in a bid it seems to reinforce the visual artistic codes of the perfume house of Carven, Ma Griffe has been harmonized with the new launch as both juices now come housed in the same sparely built bottle by Thierry de Bashmakoff mimicking a lab bottle albeit chicer, a typical stylistic choice borrowed from the ethos of niche fragrance houses who wish to intimate they care more about the jus than the flacon following Baudelaire's verse turned into a dictum, "Qu'importe le flacon pourvu qu'on ait l'ivresse" At the same time, the universalist appeal of the fragrance itself hints at a typical designer perfume approach which is inclusive rather than exclusive: complexity is subtle and woven-in like a multi-variegated material rather than offered in an obvious poster, self-advertized form. This is not to say that one approach is meant to win over the other, but they are culturally distinct.

In fact, it all points to the fascinating problem of balance in perfumery which is generally underestimated, and that would be about when a sense of balance is achieved in a perfume, not in a regular sense of honest-to-God balance but in an artful and masterful sense of intangible equilibrium which takes into account many hard-to-pinpoint aspects including the experience of the perfumer and his or her intuition. In a sense it is about the chemistry that can take place between the perfumer and his or her formula where perhaps not everything is understood by the creator and later by the wearers because in a way, it is meant to be and stay elusive in contrast to some of the clear-cut formulae privileged by others.

The Personality of Carven, Le Parfum

The new artistic director for the brand since 2010 Guillaume Henry has said that what he wants to achieve with the heritage of Carven is an exercise in balance between haute couture and ready-to-wear. Namely, this translates to him as every day wearable fashion but offered with a couture twist. He's underlined that Madame Carven née Carmen de Tommaso - who is still alive at 104 years old today - started out her house from a consumer perspective and not the point of view of a stylist (although she was trained as an architect at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris) as her small height (1,55 m) made it difficult for her to find fashion that fitted her, and more than that, excited her. This pragmatic take on fashion, they feel they need to respect.

With these premises, you know that Le Parfum will have to "fit" and offer an inclusive personality if it is to be in accord with the original philosophy of the house. The first Carven perfume "Ma Griffe" was also about a signature. Aiming the youth of its time, it was never jejun. The same thing can be said of Le Parfum. What strikes you when you experience the perfume is how it takes you from a young and fresh atmosphere to a more substantial and mature one, without ever coming across as cut in the middle of an impossible proposition. Fresh, powdery, creamy and staging a rich white floral bouquet, it contains within itself several seasons of your life. You recognize your youth / spring but also your womanly years / summer. It has a retro touch all the more perceptible in the midst of a 1920s, Art-Deco Gatsby-influenced craze in the summer of 2013, but is not old fashioned. On the contrary, it succeeds in giving you the impression that you are wearing a new perfume. One of its main attributes might be that it succeeds in remaining elusive even when you can identify some threads running through it. I am tempted to say that the more I wear this perfume, the less I feel like I can pinpoint it as it reveals a wealth of facets, in turns creamy and almost tropical, at other times, green and grassy.


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Dion's Daily Deals | Cartier perfume, Chewy vitamins

Cartier Perfume: A sample of the company’s fragrance Baiser Vole is available right now when you fill out a short form.

The house of Cartier was founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier. Celebrated for its beautiful jewelry and attention to detail, the company's reputation grew over the late 1800's

Designer Cartier has 56 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1981 and the newest is from 2013. Cartier fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Mathilde Laurent, Jean-Claude Ellena, Christine Nagel, Alberto Morillas, Jean-Jacques Diener, Nathalie Feisthauer, Jacques Cavallier, Mark Buxton and Jean Guichard.

Pulse Points: Perfume Tips

COCO CHANEL once said that a woman should apply perfume in those areas where she would like to be kissed. While this is most likely true (and utterly French), consider the follow guidelines as well (from

The pulse points. The “pulse points” are locations on the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. These spots emanate heat, which can help fragrance to emanate from your skin into the air. Apply your perfume to these points—namely, the inner wrists, the base of the throat, behind ear lobes, in the cleavage, behind knees, and the inner elbows.

A word of caution. Despite the great Chanel’s maxim, perfume does not taste good. Keep that in mind when applying yours, and avoid any areas that may be enthusiastically nibbled.

How to apply perfume. Simply spray, dab, or in the case of a solid perfume compact, swipe. Avoid rubbing the wrists together after application, to prevent “crushing” the scent.

Always apply perfume before putting on your clothes and jewelry. Some fragrances will leave permanent stains on fabrics, metals and pearls. If you want to risk perfuming your clothing—say, spraying some scent on a scarf—be sure to test it on a hidden area of the fabric first, and spray lightly.

Perfuming the hair. You can mist your hair with fragrance. It will leave a gentle scent in your wake, as you move through your day. Be careful only to apply perfume to freshly-washed hair, or the natural oils (and any lingering hair products) will affect the odor.

Since perfume contains alcohol and can be drying to your strands, apply sparingly and
from a distance. A spray or two from eight inches away will do.

Making fragrance last longer. There are a few tricks to help your fragrance last longer. A scent will fade faster when skin is dry. Applying fragrance-free moisturizer to your body is an excellent preparation for applying fragrance, and will help you get more bang for your perfume buck.

Layering products from the same line is another effective way to make a fragrance last. You might use the scented body gel, treat skin with the body lotion, and then spray the perfume on top. The combination of products will help the scent to maintain fullness and extend throughout the day.

Perfume: The Story of an Authoritarian Politician

They say smell is our strongest sense, that olfactory nerves are closely related to where we store memories in our brains. Thus, the sense of smell has the potent ability to invoke memories, those that we cherish as well as those that we dread. I think the one smell that I will most vividly remember from the last few years in Ankara will be the distinctive, pungent smell of tear gas. In my memory, it is entangled with feelings of frustration, fear and both physical and emotional pain. I know how it feels: stinging eyes, suffering in each breath you take, pangs in the stomach, tingling nostrils. Those are the responses of the body. The physical pain goes away eventually, but the deep feeling of injustice stays. And it comes back each time I see protesters get tear-gassed by the police, on TV, newspapers or social media.

The use of teargas by the Turkish police has become rampant in the last few years. It seems as if any opposition voiced against the deeds of the ruling Justice and Development Party government deserves to be punished by tear gas and water cannons. Just about any protest faced brutal police intervention: protests for peace, women’s rights, and free education as well as protests against conservative education reform, abortion restrictions, and demolition of a historical movie-theater have all been attacked. Common to all is the fact that these were peaceful voices raised against the current illiberal and authoritarian policies, but the government’s response has been brutal. Many citizens were hospitalized not only from asthma and other respiratory problems but also from injuries caused by a direct hit by tear gas canisters. A teacher from Hopa on the Black Sea Coast died two years ago due to a heart-attack triggered by teargas. A teenager in Istanbul was hospitalized and remained in critical condition for days after a canister cracked her skull.

The most recent and ongoing example is the events that have been unfolding in the Taksim area in Istanbul, where a peaceful group of protesters decided to stay overnight in the Gezi Park, to prevent the cutting down of trees to make way for a shopping mall. They woke up at 5 a.m. to the dreadful smell of teargas. Tear gas is a strange substance. Even if you are not there at the hub of things, you can feel its effects as a bystander. Say, for instance, you were out shopping with your toddler in a stroller around Şişli on May Day, you and your child could have easily been swallowed by the teargas cloud spreading from the police attack on May Day parades to Taksim. Or you could be a tourist staying in one of the posh hotels overlooking the Gezi Park, and your room could fill with the stench of teargas aimed at protestors hugging trees in the park.

What many people find perplexing is the fact that despite these numerous documented incidents of state brutality targeting citizens, support for the prime minister does not seem to have undergone a significant decrease. But there is a smell attached to such political success. In the midst of the current events, I find myself pondering the novel by Patrick Süskind, Perfume: the Story of a Murderer. The protagonist of Süskind’s tale was born with an unusual defect, that he did not have a body-odor of his own, but did have a perfect sense of smell. He starts a quest to find the perfect scent, an essence for himself. In order to do this, he murders and catches the essences of 25 virgin girls, combined into perfume. Just a single drop of that perfume makes him so desirable and irresistible that he is pardoned for his crimes, and even the father of one of the victims wants to embrace him. The essence of Süskind’s narrative seems to catch the spirit of authoritarian politics. It might take a lot of innocent blood, but if you can create the perfect essence, you may, at least for a while, seem invincible.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Virginia Tech's Trying to Figure Out What a Hokie Smells Like for New Fragrance Line

Elizabeth Taylor has White Diamonds, Britney Spears has Fantasy, and now Virginia Tech, well they'll soon have a whole new line of fragrances as well. What I can only imagine will smell like blood, sweat, tears, and a dash of engineering prowess, students at Virginia Tech can now look forward to smelling exactly like their peers this August. Yes, Masik Collegiate Fragrances is working with the Blacksburg bookstore to bring perfumes and colognes to Hokie fans who crave the musk of their athletic idols and glorified alums.

Masik Collegiate Fragrances set up shop in the Virginia Tech bookstore on Friday, equipped with countless bottles of potential Hokie scents. All of the samples were named after various traditions, with tastes like "Skipper," "VT Strong," and "Hokie Triump," according to Gamedayr. Students had the chance to walk in, test the scents, and vote on their favorites for what will be the next fan merchandise of choice.


New Oud-Based Natural Leather Perfume by Osmia Organics

In time for Father's Day, this unisex scent, based on the smell of wet leather, is a unique, artisan gift handmade in Colorado.

Carbondale, CO (PRWEB) June 03, 2013

For centuries, perfumers have been intrigued by the smell of leather - comforting, exotic, sensual, warm, and right on the line between masculine and feminine. A pair of brand new boots, or an old, leather-bound book, or a pair of gloves worn thin by physical work - all of these are held together by the primitive, softly sweet smell of leather. Ironically, the concept of a leather scent arose from the need to perfume leather gloves in the 16th century in France, when the tanning process left leather with a pungent, harsh odor. Precious oils such as rose, musk, and ambergris were then used to mask that odor. Eventually, as the gloves were worn and the oils were heated and combined, the concept of a leather perfume was born.

For Osmia Organics founder, Dr. Sarah Villafranco, the concept of a leather scent arose when she unintentionally got a leather bracelet wet. She was intrigued by an intermittent, mystery scent as she worked that day, and finally realized it was the wet leather bracelet she was smelling. She began work on Couro that day. Says Villafranco, "Creating a modern leather scent with only natural essences was a challenge I couldn't resist - my brain kept rearranging the formula in my sleep, and I tweaked it for months until it was right. I wanted a perfume that would be somewhat masculine, but still completely alluring when worn by both men and women."

Today, Osmia is releasing the new, natural perfume. Oud, or agarwood, is one of the world's most precious and costly fragrance ingredients, long revered as a sacred oil for use in anointing blends. Couro combines oud with amber and tobacco notes, for a lusty, sweet, leathery base. Bulgarian Rose absolute rounds out the center of the scent, and top notes of saffron and black pepper add a gentle spice. The scent, based in organic grape alcohol, resides somewhere between male and female, perhaps more on the masculine end of the spectrum, but still appropriate for women who prefer a more gender-neutral perfume. All of Osmia's natural perfumes are cruelty-free, and made with essential oils, CO2 extracts, and absolutes (see article explaining these here), and never contain synthetic or chemical fragrance.

Couro is priced at 150.00 for a 0.48 ounce bottle, pictured above. Samples of all Osmia's natural perfumes are available for purchase on the website.

Police Say Man Stole Perfume and Left in a Stolen SUV

A Woodbury man has been charged with stealing multiple bottles of fragrance from JCPenney in Eden Prairie while making a getaway in a stolen SUV.

Joseph Tyler Briseno, 40, was charged with one count of theft over $1,000 and one count of receiving stolen property, both felonies.

On May 18, Eden Prairie officers were dispatched to the JCPenney store in Eden Prairie Center. Store staff observed an Aisan man concealing numerous bottles of fragrance inside his shirt and jacket. The man was later identified as Briseno.

Police say Briseno left the store without paying for 15 bottles of fragrance valued at $1,224 and got into a silver SUV without license plates.

Officers had received reports of stolen fragrance from JCPenney stores in Eden Prairie and Roseville on May 11. Security footage from May 11 confirmed it was Briseno, according to the criminal complaint. In the Roseville incident, store staff caught the license plates of the silver SUV, and the vehicle was identified as stolen.

In Eden Prairie on May 18, officers say they found the license plates inside the SUV Briseno was driving and confirmed that it was the stolen vehicle.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Harrods wins legal fight with fur trade protesters over Lady Gaga perfume visit

One of the world's most famous department stores today won a legal fight with fur trade protesters after complaining that families were "harassed" when pop star Lady Gaga visited to advertise perfume.

A High Court judge tightened restrictions on protests outside Harrods in Knightsbridge, London, after being told that demonstrators had caused a "nuisance" during Lady Gaga's appearance in October 2012.

Mr Justice Globe concluded that existing restrictions on protests did not provide "sufficient protection".

The judge issued a written ruling after a High Court hearing in London in May.

Harrods' bosses had complained about the behaviour of protesters during Lady Gaga's visit on October 7.

Mr Justice Globe said the star had visited the store to "advertise some perfumery".

"It is Harrods' case that the (protesters) positioned themselves at the front of the crowds with banners and placards, in and amongst families and children, causing a nuisance, annoyance and harassment to members of the public in attendance enjoying the event," said the judge.

"From statements, photographs and CCTV evidence, I have a very clear understanding of the nature of the event and what happened on this occasion."

He said Harrods had also complained about protesters' behaviour on Boxing Day 2012 - the first day of the store's winter sale.

The judge said anti-fur trade campaigners began demonstrations outside Harrods in 2005. Store bosses launched legal action shortly afterwards and court injunctions were subsequently issued, amended and extended.

He said exclusion zones and "specific protest areas" had been established but Harrods suggested that restrictions should be extended to a pedestrianised area in nearby Hans Crescent.

"Harrods have started to utilise to greater advantage the fully completed development of Hans Crescent," said the judge. "The existing order did not take into account its fully-completed state and its potential."

He added: "It has become a tourist hotspot likened to the area around Covent Garden. In conjunction with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the store is now organising more substantial events in the Hans Crescent area, which are drawing larger crowds to see what effectively is a show."

Mr Justice Globe, who said Lady Gaga arrived in Hans Crescent before going into Harrods, concluded that there had been a "change of circumstances".

"I am not satisfied that the existing order provides sufficient protection for the rights of the claimants, customers and the public to enjoy the facilities and events in the crescent," said the judge.

"I am equally satisfied that the rights of the (protesters) can be protected by ensuring that they can continue to assemble and protest outside the Hans Crescent area."

Harrods took legal action against animal rights campaigner Brendan McNally and the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade.

Mr Justice Globe said Mr McNally acted in person at the hearing and had "formulated intelligent and intelligible" submissions on behalf of protesters.

The judge said Mr McNally disagreed with the way protesters had been portrayed.

"He relies upon the fact that there have been no convictions of any protesters over the whole time of the order. He therefore argues that they have behaved responsibly and exercised their rights peacefully within the ambit of the current order," said Mr Justice Globe.

"He disputes the contentions of the claimants about the extent of disruption caused by the defendants at events. He contends that there is no real change of circumstances."

The judge said Mr McNally had argued that the consequence of protesters being excluded from Hans Crescent might be "drastic" and would discourage people from attending protests.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Blushie creates a range of natural scents including Rainfall, Dust After Rain and Fresh Cut Grass.

Bath & body company Blushie, based just outside San Francisco, offers perfume oils inspired by nature, including scents like Dust After Rain, Snowfall, Rainfall, Fresh Cut Grass, and The Oncoming Storm. These combine moisturizing fractionated coconut oil and hand-blended fragrance.

The 8ml perfume oils are packaged in a slim glass bottle, so they are a great size to carry around with you in your bag. You can experience the fragrance by dabbing a little onto your wrists or neck.

The Dust After Rain (Petrichor) fragrance provides the scent of rain striking dry earth. It is composed of fresh ozone notes, clear blue water, rich earth and a hint of cedarwood and grass blades bending beneath the droplets.

Fresh Cut Grass is a crisp green scent mellowed with a touch of cool, soothing aloe vera, while Rainfall is a fresh and uplifting aroma of ozone-rich rain on a dewy bed of very subtle white floral.

The Oncoming Storm offers the scent of the sky and earth just before a storm breaks, with a blend of jasmine petals, clean ozone, salt water and a heavy mist mingling with moss-covered earth. Snowfall is a unique blend of subtly sweet, cold spearmint and a touch of warm, almost coconut-like cream.

These perfume oils are available for $8, along with others that have fruity and flowery scents. Blushie also offers a selection of body lotions, handmade soap, lip balms and other beauty products.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Iconic Brand Chanel Zero Jersey One!

Residents in the Channel Islands have won a legal victory against perfume giant Chanel after it tried to trademark the word – JERSEY.

The iconic brand’s latest fragrance was named ‘Jersey’ because its founder Coco Chanel famously made garments from Jersey fabric.

But the UK’s intellectual property office has now refused its bid to trademark the name after objections from the local government.

Officials from the Economic Development Department were happy for Chanel to call its fragrance Jersey but wanted to safeguard the title for local farmers and business.

They were also concerned it would mislead customers into thinking the “deliciously sophisticated” scent was produced on the island.

Senator Alan Maclean said: “It was important that we challenged this. This was about ownership of the name Jersey.

“It is not about stopping Chanel using the name. It is fantastic to have a perfume named Jersey.”

Coco Chanel started incorporating Jersey fabric, a knitted woollen material originating in Jersey, into her designs in the 1920s.

She transformed what was previously seen as an utilitarian, mundane fabric ideally suited for rugged sailors’ sweaters into something celebrated for its elegance.

In Texas, Burglar Nabs $30,000 in Perfume, Cologne

A Dallas perfume store owner says a $30,000 burglary could put him out of business.

Dallas police are investigating the break-in at Paris Perfumes in the 900 block of West Jefferson Boulevard.

The owner discovered the theft of an estimated $30,000 in perfume and cologne when he went to open his shop Friday morning, according to the police report.

The thief pried open the lock to the front door of the business and stole several expensive bottles of fragrance, including brands such as Armani, Gucci, Versace and Dolce and Gabbana.

"It's very frustrating," said Juan Chavarri, the owner of Paris Perfumes. "It's a problem to have a business. The problems of the economy [are] not my problems. I have to live with it, plus this. It's really hard."

Because of his frustration and the amount of inventory lost, Chavarri said he may consider going out of business.

Chavarri said he recently relocated to the West Jefferson Boulevard location from another nearby storefront where he had been for the previous 10 years. In all that time, he had never been burglarized, Chavarri. That location had security bars on the inside of the doors; the current location does not.

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Fragrance Foundation Awards Winners Are....

Kristen Stewart’s Balenciaga Fragrance Wins Prestigious Award The winners for this year’s Fragrance Foundation Awards have finally been announced! Here is the complete list:

CONSUMER CHOICE – Girlfriend Justin Bieber (Elizabeth Arden) and Acqua di Gio Essenza Giorgio Armani


INDIE AWARD – By Kilian Amber Oud

HALL OF FAME – Linda Wells, Allure‘s Editor-in-Chief

PACKAGING OF THE YEAR – Florabotanica Balenciaga Paris (Coty Prestige) and Montblanc Legend (Interparfums)

MEDIA CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR – Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme and Dolce & Gabbana The One for Men Sport



FRAGRANCE HALL OF FAME – Red Door Elizabeth Arden

FRAGRANCE OF THE YEAR (MEN’S POPULAR) – James Bond 007 (P&G Prestige)

FRAGRANCE OF THE YEAR (MEN’S PRESTIGE) – Tom Ford Noir (Tom Ford Beauty)

FRAGRANCE OF THE YEAR (MEN’S LUXURY) – Colonia Intensa Oud Acqua Di Parma

FRAGRANCE OF THE YEAR (WOMEN’S POPULAR) – Girlfriend Justin Bieber (Elizabeth Arden)


And last but certainly not least,

FRAGRANCE OF THE YEAR (WOMEN’S LUXURY) – Florabotanica Balenciaga Paris (Coty Prestige)

Taylor Swift Prepares Third Perfume, 'Taylor'

Taylor Swift describes her new perfume as sweet and sophisticated. "It draws you in," she says of Taylor, the singer's latest scent from Elizabeth Arden. And it truly represents her.

Previously, the 'Begin Again' hitmaker released Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted perfumes. "My first two fragrances were more about fairytales," Swift says, "but this fragrance is more about my own style, so I wanted the name to be more personal."
The bottle is more personal as well. Call it "retro with a modern flair," with a ring of pearls as a tip of the cap -- her favorite jewel. "I keep a strand in my purse, and throw them on whenever I need to dress up my outfit."

The new scent is a mix of fruits, florals and woodsy smells. It will be available in June at Ulta stores and through The singer has been a hot spokesperson lately, with high-profile deals with both Diet Coke and Keds shoes.

Dolce & Gabbana’s Desire Perfume Is Bombshell Fabulous!

When we first saw Scarlett Johansson’s new Dolce & Gabbana Desire perfume campaign with Terry Richardson, we were absolutely breathless. So when we had an opportunity to try the fashion house’s latest perfume we jumped.

Taking a more floral turn to the popular The One collection, Desire blends intoxicating notes of mandarin, lychee and bergamot all to create one feminine, yet mysterious, scent. We love spritzing it on before a long day at the office or before a romantic evening out. Yes folks, it’s really that versatile.

And we can’t forget to mention the beautiful bottle, which is often it’s own even with most fragrances these days. Inspired by Sicily’s baroque period, the black and gold contrast on the bottle screams sumptuous elegance.

Dolce & Gabbana’s Desire perfume retails from $79-$112 and is available at Saks Fifth Avenue and other select department and specialty stores.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

One Direction’s Perfume Captures Boy Band’s ‘True’ Scent

Fragrance maker Firmenich claims its perfumes can recreate the “true” scent of human skin. Now it has captured the essence of Britain’s hottest boy band, One Direction.

In a handwritten note posted online last Thursday, the band’s members announced the launch of their pink-hued fragrance, “Our Moment,” which was developed in collaboration with Firmenich. “We’ve loved every step of creating this special fragrance for you, our incredible fans. We are very proud of it and hope you love ‘Our Moment’ as much as we do,” read the note, which was signed, “We love you. XX, 1D.”