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Another Day, Another Perfume Theft

I think it's unwise for folks to break the law, but I feel stealing cologne is a white collar crime, that's people with high taste, commit them. You are not stealing a gallon of milk, but something you may live without.

In Vineland, New Jersey, investigators are looking for two shoplifters who stole about $60 worth of perfume from the CVS in the 1100 block of East Chestnut Avenue at 9:47 p.m. Saturday.

The suspects were described as two African American women in their late 20s, about 5-foot, 4 inches tall and thin. One was wearing a black coat with gray or white pants and the second female was wearing dark pants with a gray hooded shirt.

The women left the area in an white older model Land Rover, heading toward South Main Road.

Six 2.5 fluid ounce Estee Lauder perfumes — Pleasures, Opium, Eternity, Be Delicious, Acqua Di Gio and Euphoria — were reported stolen. Why do all those perfume appreciators go to the CVS for find fragrances? If anything, they have the cheaper stuff over there, and as the proverb goes, "go big or go home" 

Viva By Fergie Mixed Reviews

The Scent: Feminine. Empowered. Unconventional. Viva by Fergie is a sexy contradiction of captivating cool herbs spiked with fierce lavender and intriguing vetiver. A fragrance for women who want to live life on their own terms, inspired by one of today's most empowering women, Fergie.

This perfume is fresh and "zesty" yet it reminds me of Yves Rocher's Eryo Blue. It's odd that it smells so close to this manly fragrance but still has a softening touch to the end of it that makes it a scent that a woman can use without feeling like a lumberjack. I find it odd that she would think that a womanly scent smells like the woman just "jumped on her man fresh out of the shower". Because that is what this smells like. Not sweet and sickly like most celeb fragrances but definitely not one for the dainty and delicate floral lovers.

The Notes: Captivating Cool Herbs Luscious greens and captivating herbs create a cool effect that invigorates and refreshes the senses. Fierce Lavender Fresh with floral, minty and spicy undertones, fierce lavender delivers a modern contrast between masculine and feminine notes. Intriguing Vetiver One of the most beautiful woody notes, intriguing vetiver is wrapped in sweet leathery undertones, adding depth and sensuality to the fragrance.

For once Avon has given us a very, very nice container with appealing lavender colored perfume inside. The scent itself is quit unique for a celeb outing. It's clean and fresh (two over-used words to describe just about every fragrance!)

This floral green borders very closely on aromatic and could easily be unisex or mistaken entirely for a soft masculine scent. Strong lavender in the top passes and settles fairly quickly to a fresh, uplifting green on a vetiver base. Mint and bergamot certainly keep it clean and fresh, it has very little floral component, the green notes, lavender and mint make this far more an aromatic than floral fragrance. There also a distinct musky note in the base. This surprised me, Im not exactly sure if I like it or not, but it doesn't underwhelm me at all, if you're looking for an aromatic with feminine charm then this might be for you.

I can smell the lavender clearly and yes, the slight 'men's cologne' vibe is there too, a sharp astringent thing without the alcohol but it is softened with a whiff of florals as well. There is nothing that screams 'cheap ingredients' either and I can see a woman in slender legged jeans, patent leather loafers, crisp white shirt and red lipstick wearing this. Once again, the bottle might be one of the best things about this new celebrity fragrance.

VIVA By Fergie - Avon Commercial
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Here's Why Immitation (Knockoff) Perfume Are Not Illegal

Like the rest of the luxury industry, perfumers are under assault from imitators set on cashing in on their brand image, and websites that openly claim to copy top fragrances are flourishing on the internet. I have purchased them before from stores around the United States and some of them were good, others not so much. The low price is a huge draw for shoppers to give such fragrance a test. I do agree that in terms of longevity not so much (about half of the original time for a very good copy). If you are into bottle collecting then knock yourself out.

It is interesting, I wonder about the legality of something like this. As far as I know, "knock offs" as long as they don't try to pass as the real thing (like those drug store "interpretations" of high-end perfumes) are OK (as long as they don't run afoul of trademarks...for instance copying a bottle shape or logo. Until then, perfumers are powerless to stop them in court.

To protect itself from copycats, perfumers have traditionally relied on secrecy - keeping their precious formulae under tight wraps. While, in theory, perfumers can patent the composition of a perfume, the great majority choose not to, precisely because it would require them to reveal their formula. By revaling hteir formula, few years form the date the patent expires, and anyone can copy the scent. Perfume Parlour says it currently uses a process called gas liquid chromatography to analyse the chemical composition of designer scents, and then distils its own imitation oils.

Counterfeit (forged) are illegal though. Of course, these will be resold as the real thing! I'm just surprised that they're not even bothering to hide the fact. However, you cannot advertise as selling the real thing, albeit for ridiculous prices and make no mention of a China or India connection. Perhaps they're the same people, backing up under pressure from manufacturer scrutiny, into a newer modus operandi. The companies would have every right to have the products seized in customs when they crossed a border. I mean, I would love to smell them for comparison purposes, but really......

But when the knockoff hints strongly that their products are intended to be mistaken for the real thing. So while manufacturing them may or may not be illegal, selling them almost certainly is.  The company may or may not be able to get away with it since they are advertising them as replicas- I know of many American fashion stores that sell such Fragrances in New York garment district and beyond.

But keep on mind,

Apparently a scent cannot be patented - just the name. The exact formula can probably be patented, but it can still be imitated. As long as you don't claim it's the original, you're okay. Plus the originals and knock-offs are likely to me mixed in the same plants.

Replicas are often defended on the grounds of "consumerism." Were it not for the replicas, famous brands would cost more. Consumers (somehow!) deserve "affordable" perfume. And there are those people who like to smell good on a show lace budget.

Also, because the non famous brands would now have no market, they would have to hire advertising and marketing experts to sell their fragrance. This would lead to the creation of additional jobs. From a different point of view, the marketing giants who sell fine fragrances understand the art of pricing their products for maximum profit. While a replica may be priced somewhat below the original, its quality is often far lower. Where then is the value?

Salvador Dali Sun & Roses (2013): Solar Rose, I'm In Love

Ever since I visited the Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg, Florida and I am hooked at all things Salvador Dali. I sampled all his fragrances and then went home to Amazon and purchased them all--even the female ones. Now, we are ushering in a new fragrance from the same line

While roses are usually associated with fresh, early-morning dewiness in garden-rose type of perfumes, or on the contrary nocturnal depth in darkly handsome rose interpretations, Salvador Dali Parfums are launching a solar rose composition from April 2013 called Sun & Roses...

The musky fruity-floral eau de toilette is signed by perfumer Dorothée Piot of Robertet who also did Crazy Kiss by Salvador Dali, Memoir Woman by Amouage, Chambre Noire by Olfactive Studio, L'Occitane Fleur Chérie and Pivoine Flora, amongst others.

The line offers many feminine, carefree and vibrant line of fragrances that sing lively upbeat notes of celebration, love and happy times. Sun & Roses is in perfect tune with this fragrance collection designed for the modern and active young woman: a bottle and a fragrance full of life, an arty and creative look.

"Sun & Roses eau de toilette is that unique happiness of summer so spontaneous and luminous, like the hot pink that adorns the flacon and a solar sensuality full of energy and desire which irradiates from within every women, all at the same time."

Designer Salvador Dali has 45 known perfumes. The earliest edition was created in 1985 and the newest is from 2013. Salvador Dali fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Antoine Lie, Dorothee Piot, Alberto Morillas, Olivier Pescheux, Michel Almairac, Sidonie Lancesseur, Philippe Collet, Martin Gras, Mark Buxton, Evelyne Boulanger, Karoline Vieth, Henri Bergia, Philippe Romano, Gerard Anthony, Guillaume Flavigny, Emilie Bouge, Celine Ellena, Delphine Lebeau-Krowiak, Francis Kurkdjian, Daphne Bugey, Ilias Ermenidis and Thierry Wasser.

The brand underlines the fact that the fragrance is meant to be easy to use on an everyday basis, expressing "a youthful yet chic and self-assertive femininity"

Perfume opens on top notes of pink grapefruit, bergamot, and crunchy apple. The heart rests on a bouquet of fresh roses together with powdery violet and delicate lily of the valley. Base notes are more Oriental with white musks, cedar wood, vanilla and sandalwood.

Via press release

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CK One Summer Fragrance Due March 4

The latest edition of the new summer edition of CK One Summer unisex fragrance will land on March fourth, marking the the tenth anniversary. CK One is getting a new bottle and a new formula inspired by the exotic underwater world. This new limited-edition version of the fragrance will be available from March 4. Calvin Klein is very famous for launching every year, different versions of the traditional CK One summer line. However, the difference is that they change the composition of the fragrance from year to year, not just the bottle design, like some other companies do!

The 2013 version of CK One Summer, developed by Harry Fremont, has notes of citrus, watermelon and crushed leaves enriched with scents of cucumber, lotus and aquatic mint. The base notes of this fresh light summery juice include caraway, moss, blond wood and musk.

It is created by Harry Fremont of Firmenich. It is composed of mint, watermelon, cardamom, cucumber, hedione-extract of jasmine blossom, musk and woodsy accords.

This is understood to be Fresh with woody undertones, a more masculine-feeling summer scent, but it doesn't stop me from wearing it! Perfect for the Australian summer - possibly my favorite of the limited edition CK One Summers. The new bottle has been completely revamped and visible drops of water make the ocean-blue bottle look wet.

From some of the online reviews, females are in love with this fragrance. I think it's a very masculine rather than unisex smell. As for the longevity it comes to about 5 hours.

Say hello to a very pleasant smell.

"Ivanka Trump" The Perfume Hits The Stores At Macy's

Ivanka Trump stopped by the Macy’s Herald Square to officially launch her debut fragrance, called Ivanka Trump. The appearance, held in the department store's newly opened second floor HSQ Cafe, generated $15,000 in fragrance sales, according to insiders. Shoppers who purchased the eau de parfum licensed by Parlux Fragrances Inc., for $78 pop, were gifted an additional travel-size bottle, a limited-edition tote bag and the opportunity to take photos with Ivanka and sit in on a Q&A. This is her first fragrance and as we have learned it was created by perfumers Jennifer Mullarkey – who developed fragrances for Parlux and Marypierre Julien – who composes fragrances for the house of Givaudan.

As for the product, it's a floral-oriental composition has a touch of luminous fruity notes and flirtatious spices making the whole fragrant story even more exciting. Top notes incorporate luminous Italian bergamot, juicy apple and pink pepper, which highlight sensuality.  

You will be able to smell the jasmine, rose, peach blossom, amber, creamy vanilla, patchouli and cedar. The heart encompasses jasmine, rose and peach, while the base closes with golden amber, creamy vanilla, patchouli and cedar.

“I think with fragrance you have to make sure it very closely matches the personality of the wearer,” said Trump, who was back to blonde after experimenting with a brunette look for about a month. “I start with myself in terms of what I want to wear and how I live and really that means something that has a strength paired with femininity.

Ivanka has a line of shoes, coats, clothing, fragrance, sunglasses, and handbags. So this is part of a long-term business venture Ivanka Trump is building. I sure want to sample this new scent. 

The Skinny On Boss 6 By Hugo Boss For Men

I've been all over when it comes to colognes. Ranging from the regular Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Tommy, and various Avon types that my Mother has gotten as demo's and/or very cheap being a rep. Each of the above brands I have tried varying types from each and many more that I cannot name at the moment. I'm a guy who likes to smell good, and Hugo Boss has some of the best cologne there is. I can proudly say I own every Hugo Boss cologne! Keep on mind this is one of the most imitated men cologne out there--I once bought one imitation that went by the name president. 

Anyways, to the thoughts on the actual product... It has a very pleasant that reminds me a lot of cinnamon. I can best describe its power by using this analogy, say you spray a very heavy dose of 5 sprays. Now with other colognes your going to be asked to leave the room, with this cologne its more potent but not as offensive.

If your looking for something that everyone in your office will know what your wearing when you pull into the parking lot then this isn't your fragrance. If on the other want it to be noticeable when you sit down by the people beside you then this is your fragrance. I would consider this a much sweeter and milder version of the regular Hugo by Hugo Boss that is so popular. Another similar but slightly spicier smelling cologne you may wish to consider if you like this is Lacoste Pour Homme By Lacoste. Another favorite of mine in my picky collection.

Boss#6 is a big hit with the ladies as it seems from the online reviewers, Really! I wouldn't sit here and waste my time writing a review if I were lying! You can't go wrong if you purchase this cologne! I'll be using this until the day I die or if by chance god forbid they discontinue it (I doubt that would ever happen!

It's kind of sweet, but definitely in a manly way. You wouldn't mistake it for perfume, but if you are a real macho man who likes old spice then this is not the cologne for you! If you want a really attractive smell that lasts long but doesn't overpower the room, than buy this stuff, you won't regret it!

This is a real nice perfume. I however noticed a difference in the product package of the first and second consignment. The first product had the BOSS printed smoothly on it while the second one had it more or less embossed. I decided to spray the two products on two different shirts at the same time and observe. About 6 hours after, I could not smell the first product but the second one stayed for well over a day. Both products came from Amazon and I wondered why. In general however it has a sweet scent.

Boss No. 6 is perfect for the fall/winter because of its mellow oaky (possibly not a word) smell that has a sweetness to it. It's not overbearing, so if you specifically don't like punching people in the face with your smell, then this should fit the bill. I wear it during the day at work and I can still smell it by the end of the day. If i'm going out, I might put on another spray just to have it hit the new clothes.

Little tip from my girl; If you wanna try it out, stop by a Sephora in the mall and ask them for a little sample. They'll give you a small vial for free!

24 Perfumes Some Guys Love To HATE!

He should always be very complimentary of my perfumes. But some men cannot hold back when they hate a certain perfume. When he doesn't like one he definitely lets me know! I think such men should be celebrated for being forward enough to complain about your perfume without being a jerk of course. Some men if they strongly dislike a perfume they always seem to describe it as 'too sweet', get the hint.
  1. Annick Goutal Petite Cherie: This one was described as body odor by one guy!  She added guys' noses don't like 'cute' scents.
  2. Guerlain Insolence:  My brother hates it on me, he complain it´s too synthetic, like a cheap lollipop. But I still love it!! 
  3. Escada Escada: My boyfriend hates it
  4. Thierry Mugler Angel : I personally hate this: it’s a male repellent
  5. Kiehl`s Original Musk: I like this myself, but I've heard a few less than great comments.
  6. Yves Saint Laurent Opium: my better half doesn't care for these at all!! Here are his comments...
  7. Jean Paul Gaultier: what are you wearing? You smell like burning plastic and vanilla extract.
  8. Serge Lutens Chergui : And this one he REALLY dislikes! He thinks it smells like dying pine trees, worms and dirt... his exact words.
  9. Clinique Aromatics Elixir
  10. Dior Poison
  11. Estee Lauder Cinnabar / Aliage / Sensuous
  12. Dior Diorella
  13. Burberry Burberry Women: The exact comment was 'it smells like a hospital', “Dirty Hair”
  14. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de toilette. / Chance
  15. Caron Parfum Sacre
  16. Lanvin Oxygene
  17. Versace Versense
  18. Yves Rocher So Elixir 
  19. Acqua di Parma
  20. Blu Mediterraneo
  21. Mandorlo di Sicilia
  22. Sarah Jessica Parker Covet
  23. Bvlgari Rose Essentielle
  24. Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs Perfume Essence
Also husbands may hate the expensive stuff, something to think about. Some perfumes are  meant to be sexy but most men I know don't like it. My husband likes Opium and Cinnebar but I only like them as room spray at Christmas time and even them I think there are better (and cheaper) Christmassy smelling room sprays...

5 Cliched Perfumes I Love

When I find a perfume I like, it’s hard for me to switch to anything else. Right now I’m smitten with YSL Young Sexy Lovely Eau de Toilette. It’s fresh and clean, light and perfect for me. But…there was a time when I will admit that I gave in to pretty promises in perfume ads faster than I could take a whiff of a magazine sample.
Here are the five perfumes I have worn of the years that are a little embarrassing to admit! Why? Everyone else seems to like them and I like to think that my taste is different. It's my own, but one cannot fault folks for having a good taste. 
Image: 1lovePerfumes
Ck-1: My first foray into fragrances, Ck-1 was a big hit at the time. Everyone was wearing it. Come to think of it, my entire list is made up of perfumes that everyone was wearing at the time. In hindsight, there was more marketing then originality to this scent.
Image: 1lovePerfumes
Clinique Happy: Everyone was raving about how fabulous this flowery citrus smell was, and the ads tricked my mind into thinking that if I wore Clinique Happy, I would naturally always be happy too…instead I just ended up with a generic floral scent on my sweaters that made me scrunch my nose.
Image: FragranceNet
Image: FragranceNet
Gap Dream: I went, I bought jeans. And a fleece GAP hoodie. And Gap Dream. Combine that with a couple flannel shirts (I was in Seattle, after all) and Converse Allstars. All the essentials for relatively painless middle school years. Last year they brought the scent back…but I think I’ll pass this time around.
Image: 1lovePerfumes
Ralph Lauren Romance: This was the first scent that I really fell in love with. Well, I fell in love with the idea of falling in love. And a perfume called Romance is as close as it gets when you’re fifteen years old and awkward.
Image: 1lovePerfumes
Image: 1lovePerfumes
Davidoff Cool Water: Probably the most embarrassing choice, given that I truly and utterly detested this perfume from the start. But remember how I said Clinque Happy was popular? The loyalty to Cool Water during my late high school years was astounding. Bad enough that the hallways reeked of it – you would have thought we were manufacturing the stuff in our lockers. I gave in, I’m not proud to admit it. But I only wore it for one semester.
The good news, popular and best selling scents won't be discontinued so as long as you and others buy them, they will be around giving you bragging rights. 

India Cricket Captain Launches New Perfume

Why not, they have Bollywood  that can make some of the most movies, shooting a perfume commercial would be like walking in the park. Plus, the hot weather and the spices make India a perfect market. Keep on mind India is a rich land where many fragrances were born first--thanks to the spice, essential oils, and colors.

One can hit a maximum of six runs on a ball in cricket. But it was “7 by MS Dhoni” – the Indian cricket captain in Dubai last week - off-the-field.

The Indian captain was in Dubai last week to launch a new fragrance for men. The fragrance has been named after his lucky jersey number “7". Dhoni said: “Perfumes, much like cricket, are a product of passion. "I have been passionate about perfumes and with the launch of‘’7 by MS Dhoni’ my focus has been to share my personal preferences when it comes to perfumes.

The process of creating a brand is far more challenging than endorsing one. I put in tremendous time and effort for my inaugural line of perfumes.” he said. For “7 by MS Dhoni”, the cricketer said he has been personally involved in the development of the fragrances, with several new lines to be rolled out in the coming months. The inaugural line of fragrances by “Captain Cool,” includes six body sprays for men, with several new products for men and women to be introduced shortly.

Fresh, long-lasting and with a global appeal, the new line has been created through careful research by renowned international perfumers. "Working closely with them was a true learning experience for me too and I look forward to creating innovative new lines under the ‘7 by MS Dhoni’ brand,” he said. Dhoni is reportedly one of the richest players in India – endorsing a number of brands.

Dhoni’s new perfume range will be available in UAE, India and other parts of the world through a network of franchises soon. The good news as India gets richer, people can spend more on things like cologne and beauty products.

WATCH: Parade - Perfume Official Song

Nothing beats a good song, and nothing makes me happier than a good scent  Mix those together and you get your Parade Perfume song. An Urban song about looking and smelling good. This UK girls band found a winner combination by releasing this catchy song.

I like the styles and the retro feel the outfits generate. According to this song the ladies are singing about their perfume and how it brings all the boys to the yard. I like how happy and easy going everyone seems to be. I wish more American based bands would release songs about fragrance and not just when they release a new scent for sale

It takes more than perfume to get the right guy and frankly, you might not want the one who only likes the perfume, but it's never a bad thing to smell your finest.

Parade - Perfume

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How Does Kiss Him The Cologne Smell?

KISS is one of the post popular rock bands, having said that their fans tend to be older. Kiss serves as a constant reminder of the glory days of Rock and Roll days. Gene Simmons will market anything! As a Kiss fan I was weary about this product and with good reason. Glam rockers KISS took the cosmetics world by storm with the launch of their own range of cologne. The band has previously sold a colossal range of merchandise, including everything from glassware and lunchboxes, to hats and coffins.

Most reviews have this to say, it is a very soapy, masculine kind of scent, but a big bottle for the price. It is not a "Cheap" smell as I would have thought, and is a very pleasant scent all around. I would recommend to anyone looking to add to their collection. While puke/sweat and bear are the right smell for an average KISS concert, things are different when it comes to their perfume.

I find the fragrance Spicy and warm, KISS Him is a modern oriental fusion that contains hints of bergamot, white pepper, anise, black cumin, sandalwood, tonka, moss, and honeyed amber crystals. An extra dash of pheromone helps to heighten the scent’s irresistible magnetism. It has been described as walking the fine line of being  sexy, with a dash of naughty."

However, it's a novelty for the band loyalists, as a perfume it's worth about ten bucks, but the logo and the statements it makes is priceless. The fragrance hit me strong at first and then slowly settled down

It's a nice gift for the KISS fan in your life! Kiss ordinary smell goodbye.

The Best Male Celebrity Cologne Lines

A number of celebrities have gotten into the cologne business as an additional revenue stream. Here are five celebrities that have developed colognes as an extension of their brand. 

Not every celebrity is destined for success as a cologne spokesperson.  Luckily for the celebrities on this list, great advertising and a great product have made their lines a hit.  All these fragrances are available at your local department store.

'Usher' by Usher Raymond.

By far one of the most successful celebrity cologne lines has been   The R&B star has created a fragrance and packaging that is reminiscent of his music; smooth and sexy.  It is one of the best selling celebrity fragrances.

'Driven' by Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees has also done surprisingly well.  Athletes aren't known for their fantastic smell, yet sports fans and non fans alike have been driven to this fragrance.

Bruce Willis - Bruce Willis Cologne.
Bruce Willis developed a fragrance named after what else, Bruce Willis! Willis is quoted as stating, "The development of my new fragrance was really a lot of fun. The products stand for individuality, uniqueness and sustainability" making the type of man he is looking to attract very clear. The scent includes traces of grapefruit, pepper and vetiver.
Willis became famous for his Die Hard movies and his marriage to Demi Moore. The Bruce Willis cologne can be found in department stores now, as it launched in July 2010.

Justin Timberlake - Play by Givenchy
Givenchy teamed up with Justin Timberlake to release the cologne named, Play. The fragrance is mainly an Amyris wood scent that is considered to be sensual and warm. Other scents within the cologne are Mandarin Orange, Black Pepper and Coffee Flower. It is aimed at the modern and stylish man.
Timberlake's raise to fame was a member of N'Sync and eventually as a solo artist. His relationship with Britney Spears received much attention but as it dissolved, he continued to achieve success as a solo artist. You can find Play by Givenchy at Sephora in stores and online.
P. Diddy - Unforgivable
The cologne, Unforgivable, by P. Diddy is a sexy and rich cologne, matching the attitude and persona of the celebrity himself. There are traces of rum and amber within the cologne. The cologne is available online and at stores like Macy's and Sephora and has been since 2007. After targeting the sexy and smooth adult man, Diddy also developed a perfume named Unforgivable Woman.
P. Diddy became famous in the late '90s during the explosion of bling hip-hop. Soon after, he became the name behind such television shows as "Making the Band."
'Antonio,' by actor Antonio Banderas
This cologne has been another hugely successful celebrity cologne line.  This line has been on the market for a few years now, and is actually among the best selling celeb fragrance lines of all time.
David Beckham - Instict For Him
David Beckham released a cologne named Instict For Him and was released in the spring of 2006. The scent includes traces of grapefruit, pimento and White Amber. The fragrance is aimed at confident men who are sensual and comfortable in their sexuality although many reviews have commented that the scent evokes a more youthful and partying type of man. The cologne can be found on their site, and Amazon.
Beckham became famous because of his stellar soccer skills with Manchester United. He celebrity continued to develop with his relationship and marriage to Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice of the Spice Girls.

Tim McGraw - Southern Blend
Country musician, Tim McGraw, created a fragrance named Southern Blend in partnership with Coty Blend. It was released towards the end of 2009 and was aimed at a masculine, sexy and tough man. The scent includes lavender, whisky, amber and tobacco. You can buy the cologne at a variety of online stores as well as at Target.
McGraw has seen a slew of his singles hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts, as well as a series of albums with the same success. He is married to country singer, Faith Hill.

'Donald Trump: The Fragrance'
Surprisingly, 'Donald Trump: The Fragrance' has been a big seller.  While Donald may be well known as a shrewd business man, few people believed that a fragrance line from the hotel mogul/ investor/ reality TV host would ever catch on.  Like most things Donald invests in, however, it has turned out to be quite a success.


Some Trashy Celebrities Want You To Buy Their Fragrance

I can think of few celebrities whom I consider trashy that are in the business of making one smell good. I do not think of Brittney Spears as a person who knows what good fragrance is, but yet she has more than a dozen of fragrances that seem to do well. Same thing I feel about Paris Hilton, not sure what she has done, but she is a big self-promoter, she is in the fashion business now and has a label  I cannot think of one time when I looked at Paris's clothes and said to myself, she is looking/smelling good.

Then enters the stage Kim Kardashian and her entire clan! No one has done more with so little talent as much as they have. Their product whatever it's is a big success and people buy it, maybe because it makes the news. I do not associate them with smelling good as their troubles and woes are enough for any given person to hold their nose.

Not to forget "Nude" perfume By Rihanna, she used to be a big name, now after her personal choices she made, the fallout of the Chris Brown rage and the way she handled it, I am forever turned off. Her battered images are a reminder of how her judgement is clouded.

As for the guys, I can only think of the Trump perfume, really, isn't this guy a joke? What makes him so good at telling a good smell from a rotten one? I would though take his advise on hair products.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Smelling The Oscars Perfumes

The Oscars are about showing off, looking gorgeous without looking like you have been trying too hard. They are also about the complimentary mystry perfumes. Here's some highlights 

  1. Charlize Theron, the face of the house’s J’Adore perfume since 2004, arrived tonight in a Dior Haute Couture gown too, natch. She reportedly makes about $2 million per year to hawk the fragrance — and presumably, wear the pretty dresses too. Tough job.
  2. Jessica Chastain (from Zero Dark Thirty) is the so-called global ambassador for Manifesto, the new fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent, in an advertising campaign that will make its debut in March. Chastain would perfectly embody the company’s new jasmine-laced fragrance. Her beauty, he said, is “seductive, glamorous and sometimes even a little bit dangerous.”
  3. Speaking of contracts, I fully expected to see Jessica Chastain in Yves Saint Laurent since it was just announced that she would front their new fragrance, Manifesto. Instead, the redhead wore a copper silk satin strapless Armani Prive with a mesh overlay of white sequins and crystals.
  4. Nicole Kidman’s (awesome) perfume. Nicole Kidman caught our attention for wearing the best perfume we’ve ever smelled. You guys, she smelled really really unnaturally good. It was like an orange grove mixed with rose petals and fresh laundry in the summer time. Dipped in chocolate. She smelled nice, ok. Nice enough to make us forget all about that whole Paperboy golden shower thing. That is all.

Tom Ford Exclusive Scent For the Middle East

Arabs and Muslims may have perfected the art of perfume making (more on this later), but this time Tom Ford is giving them something created in their very own lab. A new fragrance will only be available in the Middle East. I am certain this is one product geared toward the affluent communities in the Gulf region.

Tom Ford has gone on an adventure in the near East with his new frankincense-based scent called Sahara Noir, using the history and culture of the region to build an impressive new scent specially designed for the Middle East. Sahara Noir is packaged in a gold-coloured version of the Tom Ford signature fragrance bottle, made of metallised glass and finished with a golden name plaque. The flacon is packaged in a gold, fluted outer carton. The perfume will come in a 50 ml size. There is no word yet on its price.

"Middle Eastern culture has an extraordinary appreciation for the luxurious, emotional and memorable qualities of fragrance; perfume is worn there in a way that feels very familiar to me. Sahara Noir is my interpretation of this heritage," said Tom Ford.

This Oriental Floral fragrance for women opens with bitter orange, sweet oasis grasses and Levantine cypress. The heart is composed of frankincense that is offset with cinnamon, Egyptian jamine and Moroccan rose. In sum, most Arabic regions are incorporated in this new scent. Sahara Noir finishes with cedar and vanilla tones. "It is a deep and substantial perfume that caresses the senses," adds Ford. Presented in a gold version of the classic Tom Ford fragrance bottle, the perfume is packaged in a fluted gold box. Prices are not yet available.

Guy Approved Perfume Favorites For Girls!

If you are dating are a girl, dating a boy and want to hear what he has to say about perfumes. Here's the list as told by a group of good looking boys who have opinions about their favorite girl perfume. I see some bias toward celebrity fragrance. I do not see any of the classics on the list, but rather more sporty and fruity preferences. On the upside, those are all affordable choices. If you are too young to shop at Victoria Secret, then you are out of luck. 

  1. "My favorite fragrance on a girl would have to be Victoria Secret's "Very Sexy Sheer Mist". There was one girl at school who wore it, and she always smelled so good! I fell in love with her fun and flirty fragrance every time she walked passed me in class. One day, I just had to ask her what she wore, because it was on my mind constantly!"—Craig
  2. "My favorite fragrance for women is Ralph by Ralph Lauren. It reminds me of the first day of spring!"—Mac
  3. "My favorite fragrance on a girl would have to be Pink by Victoria's Secret. I love the way it smells sweet — it's not too strong, but just right. It would be perfect for a special date, because it makes me not want to leave her sight!"—Alex
  4. "I have a few favorites: “Wakely” from Abercrombie & Fitch, Chanel No. 5, and “Fantasy” by Britney Spears. These fragrances are the ones that the girls I’m around on a daily basis wear, and I like them. They all smell like fruity or sweet, and I just really like things that are sweet :)"—Kendall
  5. "My favorite fragrance on a girl would have to be, "Wonderstruck" by Taylor Swift. Every time I smell it, it drives me wild. Girls who wear it are definitely moved up on my list! The aroma makes me feel like I'm at home. As corny as it sounds, I love the smell of my mom’s perfume, and “Wonderstruck” kind of reminds me of it. It's nice to have a reminder of home, especially since on the road all of the time."—Cody
  6. "Pink Sugar. It immediately draws you in and makes you want to get closer to the girl."—Morgan
  7. "My favorite fragrance on a girl would have to be Pink by Victoria’s Secret. It’s such a sweet and amazing smell, and it usually perfectly suits the personalities of the girls who wear it. I love it so much, because it catches my attention, but isn’t a scent that overpowers and makes feel like I need a gas mask just to be around you!" —Justus
  8. "My favorite scent on a girl is Miss Dior Cherie. It's my girlfriend's fragrance!"—Alex
  9. "My favorite fragrance would have to be anything Victoria's Secret, because it does what it's supposed to." —Hector
  10. "My favorite fragrance on a girl is definitely just minty breath. I know that's weird, but it's simple, not really asking for much and, believe me, it can do wonders.! Plus, I don't really like all of those flower-y scents."—Mat
  11. Tell you what these guys cangift you all the fragrance they like to smell. 

See The Impressive Lanvin’s Arpege Evening Bag

Roa is I’m a die-hard Lanvin fan. In fact it’s one of the most important reasons that I cannot get a credit card. If I owned a house to mortgage, She would be indulging in the labels every collection. This is the work of a magical fairies give us treasures beyond our most lavish imaginations, season after season.

Among this season is a fresh items the Lanvin ‘ARPEGE’ evening bag; a hand-polished black enamel case, trimmed with gold clasp and gold snake handle. The bag is a tribute to the 85 years of Arpège fragrance, resembling the black ball bottle designed by Armand Albert Rateau in 1927. Hot off the Lanvin runway and into the closets of presumably every other fashion follower is the Parisian maison’s Arpege evening clutch.

Worked in shiny, hand-polished black enamel, a gold clasp trimmed with a yellow gold snake handle overhangs it. As an ultimate designer detail, the name of the house of Lanvin is discretely engraved on the clasp.

Jeanne Lanvin asked André Fraysse, a young man with a prodigious “nose” to compose an eternal fragrance to celebrate the 30th birthday of her adored musician daughter, telling him to “Think of Marie-Blanche”. It’s a musical fragrance with the top, middle and base notes bewitching the woman wearing it. An iconic reflection of its fashion, Arpège remains one of the most symbolic references of the Lanvin universe.

The ARPEGE evening bag will be available in LANVIN boutiques and on the e-store from February 2013.

Avoid “Grandma Scents” At All Costs

If you’re a woman who accessorizes with perfume, consider this: According to men, you might stink! Since Americans spend close to $5 billion on fragrances a year, it’s time to make sure we're getting our money’s worth.

Certain scents trigger memories, and your scent certainly shouldn't bring up memories of grandma. As eloquently put by one man, “I hate any pungent smell that, with my eyes closed, makes me feel like I'm hugging my grandmother.

It’s a concoction somewhere between potpourri and church incense.” Another told us, "Tea Rose smells like Grandma at a quilting bee. Whenever a younger woman is wearing it, she immediately looks like my Nana to me." I am guessing some guys have too many opinions. I do recall her grandma smelling fresh all the time, very soapy smell. I now appreciate not having spent a lot of time with her, otherwise, it might have a great influence on my taste in perfumes.

If you happen to have one of those scents, give it away to the next person you see, hopefully of the same gender or alternatively, you can save it for the bathroom use. To be clear, I loved my nana, she is awesome.

And always remember, spritz lightly: No matter which scent you choose, don’t overdo it. According to one guy, there’s few things less sexy “than the overbearing smell of perfume.” No man (or woman) wants to taste your perfume in the air.

The safest way to apply perfume is to spray it in front of you, then walk into the mist. If it’s a roller-ball applicator, dab (don’t roll) it behind the ears and on the wrists. Women should take caution spraying perfume on their décolletage; It can actually cause discoloration of the skin over time. To be perfectly clear, you should be your man's favorite perfume, all other things are optional. 

5 Fragrances That Make Guys Drool

They like candy, baked goods and fresh fruits. Thanks to the The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, now we have an idea of what total suckers guys are for these five key scents. Remember  if you can bake it or eat it for breakfast, guys are into that. 

1. The Scent: VANILLA. It's long been believed that vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac: as early as the 1700s, physicians recommended it to male patients to ensure potency. And the guys at say the sweet, welcoming odor has a euphoric effect that sets the sensual mood.
The Perfume Doctor: SHALIMAR BY GUERLAIN. This powdery vanilla scent is sexy and all woman, not candy-sweet. Inspired by the love of an Indian Emperor for his wife (for whom the Taj Mahal was built), this delicious fragrance starts fresh and light, with lemon and bergamot, and reveals itself to be sensual and soft, with base notes of vanilla and incense.
2. The Scent: DOUGHNUT & BLACK LICORICE. This sweet combination increased arousal in more than 30 percent of men studied by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. We don't blame them: we have a complicated relationship with Krispy Kreme too.
The Perfume Doctor: DEMETER FRAGRANCE LIBRARY'S LICORICE. This library of singular scents (everything from fresh laundry to Hello Kitty-inspired fragrances) has something for everyone, including your guy. Not sure you want to douse yourself in licorice? Lather up with the licorice bath & shower gel, or add a few drops of the ANGEL FOOD bath oil to your next bubble bath. Combined with your favorite perfume, the subtle smell will drive him crazy.
3. The Scent: PUMPKIN PIE. The scent of pumpkin pie (especially when combined with the smell of lavender) increased arousal in 40 percent of men.  The Foundation theorized that the men in their study may have reacted to the vanilla and cinnamon in the pumpkin pie, both of which have been claimed to have aphrodisiac qualities.
The Perfume Doctor: Lather up with BATH & BODY WORKS SWEET CINNAMON PUMPKIN. This sweet and spicy collection includes shower gel, body lotion and a body splash, and combines pumpkin and cinnamon with apple, cranberry and clove, for a subtle, light scent that's sexy, not Thanksgiving. 4 Sexy Date Night Perfumes
4. The Scent: ORANGE. The citrus smell produced an arousal reaction in almost 20 percent of men.
The Perfume Doctor: BOSS ORANGE. This scent from Hugo Boss, presented by It girl Sienna Miller, will have his senses tingling, with top notes of sweet apple and soft florals that give way to orange blossom. The base includes sandalwood, olive wood and creamy vanilla, another male favorite.
5. The Scent: LILY OF THE VALLEY. Finally, the guys responded to a scent that doesn't come from the kitchen. The delicate white flower gives off a light, subtle scent that men love: in this study, it heightened arousal in 11 percent of men.
The Perfume Do: The perfect scent for a summer fling, ETERNITY SUMMER BY CALVIN KLEIN is a watery floral scent that's cool and fresh. Lily of the Valley combines with Pink peony and freesia for a subtle floral he won't be able to resist. Creamy musk and white amber lend some sex appeal to the scent, and grapefruit and ginger keep it fresh, not overwhelming. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Here Are The Four Sexy Scents To Seduce

Have you ever caught a whiff of someone's scent and suddenly thought that they were looking mighty fine? You're not alone:The link between seduction and smell is as old as civilization itself. According to the story of Cleopatra, not one but two great leaders of the ancient Roman Empire fell under her spell after smelling her perfumed concoctions. So what is it about fragrances that can bring even warlords to their knees? We are lucky to live in a time where we have so many choices and we do not have to go get everything ourselves  Can you imagine us chasing after whales and animals to get a key ingredient form them?

  1. Musk The link between musk and sex is pretty straight forward: Musks replicate the odor secreted from male deer sex glands. According to Nagel, “musk is the most carnal of all fragrance ingredients. It conveys a thin skinned sensuality, and it can easily arouse all the senses.” Similarly, in Dr. Warren’s studies, musk notes were found to have highly sensuous properties. If you’re all about primal attraction, these are your go-to fragrances. Musk is one of the oldest scenes man have come to know. Some guys may fear the musk, so test it out first.
  2. Vanilla can get a bad rep for being plain, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Long touted as an aphrodisiac, the scent of vanilla can cause arousal and stimulation in both men and women. Nagel says that vanilla may be “soft, almost sweet, but it has a strong, intense, and animalistic facet.” As an added bonus, according to Dr. Warren: “Vanilla produces the feeling of happiness universally around the world. Of all the materials that go in fragrances, vanilla is the most liked globally.”
  3. Jasmine According to Dr. Warren, jasmine is the most sensual of all the notes. What makes it unique is that it is a sweet floral note that also has an animalistic characteristic thanks to the presence of indole. What's indole you ask? It's an aromatic compound that also happens to be found in human nether regions. Kinky little flower, isn't it? According to Nagel, jasmine exudes “an optimistic solar scent, but with a sensual facet.” Imagine the bubbly girl next door by day, temptress by night. No wonder why so many of us enjoy jasmine tea.
  4. Peppermint isn't usually a scent you would associate with sexiness, but according to Nagel, it’s an overall “energizing scent, with fresh and fusing notes that release feelings of excitement." Scientific studies have also repeatedly shown that the smell of peppermint has a positive effect on mental stimulation, alertness, and physiological arousal. Dr. Warren agrees that “peppermint is a fragrance that really stimulates and opens all the senses with a secondary effect of making people feel happy." As far as we’re concerned, these are all good things when it comes to spending time with a mate. 

Some Useful Perfume Etiquette Tips

Perfume should not be one of those things that  enjoyed by only one person and tolerated by all those who are in proximity. When someone applies too much perfume or cologne, what you smell is a fragrance, and not their signature scent. Your perfume scent should not make a statement by itself. Applying perfume or cologne should be done in a way that allows the fragrance to interact with your body chemistry to produce your personalized version of the scent - your signature scent. What might be your best perfume, might not be something your next door colleague wants to smell all day. Balance and courtesy go a long way

It's true some of us put perfume for our own enjoyment, others use them to attract certain people. You are right in both accounts, but last thing you need is a visit to the Human Resource Department where they will ask you to tone it down.

One of the secrets of having proper perfume etiquette is learning where to apply the perfume or cologne so it interacts with your body chemistry without disrupting the life of people around you. Your fragrance scent should be subtle enough that only people close to you can get a hint. If you make people sneeze, that probably means you applied way too much perfume. Please refer to our How To Apply and Wear Perfume page located on the right blue panel.

Be very careful when applying perfume or cologne on your clothes. Even though your garments will hold on to your perfume scent, they can also get stained. Also, keep in mind that your piece of clothing does not have the chemicals that come out through your skin to interact with your fragrance; so you'll smell like the perfume, but not your unique version of it. Sometimes we may want to use a different perfume or cologne and wear an item of clothing that smells differently - that could be a bummer when you have your heart set on wearing a certain outfit!

Top Ten Most Popular Celebrity Fragrances

Justin Bieber’s Someday Is the best-selling celeb fragrance ever. We know what you're thinking. Enough with the celebrity fragrances! We're with you. But the reason they keep coming is they are HUGE money makers. Like insane. Last year Beyonce's perfume, Heat, became the best-selling celeb scent ever, raking in about $3 million in one month. But Beyonce has been dethroned by Justin Bieber.

The Biebs launched his debut perfume, Someday, on June 23 and it has already surpassed the $3 million mark. In less than three weeks! Justin Bieber has a gigantic fan base who probably all ran out (or made their parents drive them) to Macy's to buy a bottle or two, so we're not really surprised at these numbers.
We've conducted our own polls before, and what's funny is many of you have said you don't have to really like the celebrity to love and wear their scent (ahem, Paris Hilton). According to Wikipedia, Britney Spears is the top celeb perfume endorser. She's sold 1 billion bottles in the past five years raking in over $1.5 billion in global sales. Now you know how she survived during her rough head-shaving, K-Fed years. 

Celebrity scents might not reflect the actual smells of our favorite stars, but they do represent a connection to those celebrities that can be quite lucrative for the companies that partner on the scents. The top 10 bestselling celebrity perfumes from 2010 brought in $215 million in the U.S., according to Euromonitor International. Celebrity fragrances are more popular than ever. Just this year we've seen scents launched by Katy Perry, Fergie, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. Companies like Coty, Elizabeth Arden ( RDEN - news - people ) and Avon like to partner with celebrities on new fragrances because they are great marketers.

Topping our list this year is White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth Arden sold $54 million worth of the scent in the U.S. last year. Lee, of Euromonitor, says the scent appeals to baby boomers who associate Taylor with the glamour of her youth. But the perfume also has an appealing smell; it's been a bestseller since it hit stores in 1991. Ranking second with $27 million in sales is Driven by Derek Jeter. Lee says that, for the most part, scents for men are bought by women for their boyfriends and husbands. So the appeal of Driven probably has more to do with Jeter's persona than with his baseball skills.

Jennifer Lopez has also sold over $1 billion from her 17 fragrances. She recently went on HSN and sold 51,000 bottles of her latest offering, "Love and Light," in one weekend! So we're sorry to tell you, but these celeb perfumes are not going anywhere anytime soon.

In third place: Heat by Beyoncé. The singer launched her perfume in 2010, and it did well right out of the gate with $21 million in sales. It doesn't hurt that Beyoncé promoted the fragrance with a steamy commercial deemed too hot for daytime TV in the U.K.

Four scents tie for third place, each with $18 million in sales: Unforgivable by P. Diddy's Sean John brand, NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker, Fancy by Jessica Simpson and Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani. NYC is an impressive newcomer. Parker has several other scents, including Lovely, Dawn and Endless, but NYC, which launched in 2009, is her bestseller.

Lady Gaga sells six million bottles of her 'Fame' perfume in a week. The 'Born This Way' singer took to her Twitter yesterday (September 22) to announce the news to her fans, making her perfume the second fastest-selling fragrance ever after Coco Chanel.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Perfume For You And Your Cat From The Dog Generation

Oh My Cat Perfume by Dog Generation, It's catchy fragrance made for cats and there owners, with top notes of mandarin, bergamot and rosewood; a heart of olive leaf ( a feline favorite  which can only be detected by cats) jasmine, magnolia, freesia, cedar and sandalwood. With base notes of musk, amber and vanilla. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations. This is one more way you and your meow can bond.

I decided to take the risk and purchase before I could smell it and I was pleasantly surprised. I used it by brushing my Persian cat a lot and its really nice to spray the brush once in a while with the cologne before I brush her. Verdict: Mild and very pleasant scent! Not the overwhelming type of drug store fragrance smell at all.

My cat thinks she is all-that with this simple clean-smelling perfume for cats and humans. I sometimes spritz it on me too. It is cheerful and girly. I recommend it if you would like to try a cat perfume. On note, make sure you get the original and not some knockoff.

Great, now that cute cats have taken over YouTube, they are ready to take over the beauty business, so the humans are out of luck.

Dolce & Gabbana New Alcohol-Free Baby Perfume

"Are you saying that I stink?","ouch, that hurts", what your baby would say if he/she could speak!

If you are one of those upscale parents who love the little ones, yet can’t stand the way they smell, worry no more. Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana is releasing baby perfume. Why not? Parents won't spare a dime to make their babies look and smell their finest.

According to D&G, “We all know that children smell beautiful, and there’s no need to cover up their natural scent,” lifestyle editor Valentina Zannoni wrote on Swide, the label’s online magazine. Babies are adorable, lovable, and deserve to be well-pampered, Dolce & Gabbana states the perfume isn't being released for smelly babies, but rather to help babies "enhance" their natural scent. So no need to panic here, your baby will smell fresh, he can now have a sidekick.

The new eau de toilette will come alcohol-free was inspired by “the softness of baby skin, the freshness of baby breath, a mother’s sweet hug, [and] the first smile,” according to Stefano Gabbana, one half of the label’s duo — intangible things all apparently made real with notes of honey, citrus and musk.

Like all things D&G, it comes at a hefty price. For about $45 per bottle, you can take one home and start smelling the joy. D&G is not the only brand to move into the preschool perfume market. Companies like Johnson’s, Bulgari and Burberry each have baby fragrances. The good news, only those who have changed diapers would appreciate this product.