Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Timeless Tips for Buying Perfume

I am the kind of person who makes decisions when I know the person at the counter is looking at me or jumping to conclusion about my taste of weather I will buy something from them. I mean they are standing right there in your face, attending your needs. Least you can do is buy something and not make it too difficult for them. You cannot be that obnoxious snob person, but on the other hand, buying perfumes is a long term commitment   
  1. It's no secret some people sniff coffee beans to help them distinguish between different perfumes when shopping. Coffee beans are a great palette cleanser for your nose! but do take a small break before trying again. By the way, they should make a fragrance which smells like coffee. I'd buy that.
  2. I would rather try one on at a time as I've found that my skin chemistry effects the outcome of the smell. What is nice on someone else can smell like fly spray on me.
  3. I usually just sniff straight from the bottle and then spray the one I like onto my skin. Not into using the cardboard testers. It smells nothing like that on me. It takes me a while to purchase a perfume because of all the smells
  4. It's OK! we all get confused if i smell more than two different perfumes. I always get mixed up with the smell. It defiantly is an overwhelming experience sometimes
  5. I will generally try a few on paper and then of my 2 favorites on each wrist… then go away and so shopping etc… after a few hours I usually can ascertain which has staying power and which one I like more (based on how it ‘settles’) and then go back to purchase…
  6. Roa sniffs the bottle if she likes it she will spray some on her wrist, never use the cardboard strips, then she goes and see if it still inspires me at times it becomes vague and uninspiring so she doesn't buy that one or the other way round.
  7. I am allergic to strong perfume, but found one which is fresh, non overpowering, if it's discontinued in your country, shop online. Tip:  I adore lavender and often wear lavender essential oil
  8. Yes it can be overwhelming trying to find a perfume to buy. I generally know if I like a perfume by the first whiff. Perfume can smell different on one person to another because of our chemistry makeup. I like to have a wear of the scent and then I know for sure. 
  9. It's a real thing, you can totally OD'd on fragrances! On hindsight probably should have sniffed less than five on myself as I had a tendency to forget which fragrance was on which patch of skin!!
  10. Stick with what you know, you never never go wrong, though it does not happen often, but sometimes the recipe for you favorite fragrance may change. 

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