Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CK One Summer Fragrance Due March 4

The latest edition of the new summer edition of CK One Summer unisex fragrance will land on March fourth, marking the the tenth anniversary. CK One is getting a new bottle and a new formula inspired by the exotic underwater world. This new limited-edition version of the fragrance will be available from March 4. Calvin Klein is very famous for launching every year, different versions of the traditional CK One summer line. However, the difference is that they change the composition of the fragrance from year to year, not just the bottle design, like some other companies do!

The 2013 version of CK One Summer, developed by Harry Fremont, has notes of citrus, watermelon and crushed leaves enriched with scents of cucumber, lotus and aquatic mint. The base notes of this fresh light summery juice include caraway, moss, blond wood and musk.

It is created by Harry Fremont of Firmenich. It is composed of mint, watermelon, cardamom, cucumber, hedione-extract of jasmine blossom, musk and woodsy accords.

This is understood to be Fresh with woody undertones, a more masculine-feeling summer scent, but it doesn't stop me from wearing it! Perfect for the Australian summer - possibly my favorite of the limited edition CK One Summers. The new bottle has been completely revamped and visible drops of water make the ocean-blue bottle look wet.

From some of the online reviews, females are in love with this fragrance. I think it's a very masculine rather than unisex smell. As for the longevity it comes to about 5 hours.

Say hello to a very pleasant smell.

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