Monday, August 29, 2011

Two Sprays Of Diesel Plus Plus By Diesel For Men

This cologne is amazing! I found it a few years ago at the Diesel Store and I have been hooked since. It is uncommon. It smells good every time. Perfect on a date or at the office. I have worn it hundreds of times and it has always been well received by the people around me. Truly unique, not overpowering, mildly sweet and masculine at the same time. Of the 4 Diesel fragrances for men that I have experienced, this is superior!

I am here to report that the Diesel Plus Plus is unlike any one of these other fragrances, I have seen. While the packaging is a bit outlandish (the bottle is covered with white to go with the motif of the rest of the presentation), the smell is no less. I was a little thrown off at first thinking that it smelled like a woman's fragrance, but some women's initial reaction's is that it doesn't smell like a women's perfume at all--good news for me.

I can tell you that it smells more flowery than the others and kind of like a room aromatizer, I know I've smelled this in a living room before, but my family tells me that I'm crazy...but I could swear it smells like a flower potpourri. All around this is a delicious, heady fragrance. Milky, sweet, a touch of spices, slightly woodsy, very sexy and intimate. No idea why the product description recommends wearing it at the office. Keep it to two sprays, the nozzle isn't too fine.

Let Davidoff Cool Water Be Your Wingman

One of the most reviewed and celebrated fragrance for me out there. It comes in gift sets too.

I have been wearing this cologne for at least a decade, since I was in college out in the Midwest. If you are one of those people who get a watery eyes, stuffy nose, headache, and other allergy symptoms. Cool Water is a cologne you can wear with no problems. Over the years I have received many compliments from women. It is not the sort of cologne that overpowers, but when you hold a woman close she will sense it. Women I have dated in the past have later remarked to me that they still miss my smell. It is a great cologne.

Davidoff Cool water is a very successful cologne, although it never hit the heights of CK1 et al. I prefer it precisely because it is less common than the current trendy spray. How do you describe the scent in words? I suppose the same way that you describe a color to a blind person: with lots of big words and futile hand gestures.

I like the smell, that's why I use it. Others will hate it. Women have complimented me on it, it's all up to you to seal the deal. If you needed a wing man in your game, then you can always rely on Davidoff Cool Water, it will weed out the competition.

Make sure to get the 3oz version to comely with the airport regulations. This means that they will toss your 4.2oz bottle of CW even if it is clearly 3/4 empty. If you like to travel light and don't check in any luggage, get the smaller bottle. Of just check in your bag.


BVLGARI BLV NOTTE is one of those scents that you know each and every store has in stock. It's one of the first ones recommended by sales associated when you ask about something classy. You are a man, it's not an easy job, but smelling your best should not be a daunting task.

Ive been a fan of Bvlgari for quite some time but I stuck with their classics for a while. Thought I'd buy this one and try it out. I don't know why I didn't buy it earlier. It is amazing. Starts with a citrus hint but turns into Arabian musk within a minute or two and lasts for at least 12 hours. Ive been getting a lot of compliments lately.

As it turns out this perfume is just perfect! not too strong nor too light either. its just the perfect perfume for a working class person that should be used during fall which helps bring out the strength of the smell. It's the balance between the strong and the soft ones, it's really nice, when you wear it women will be asking which one has it, they love the smell...i love it.

So go ahead sprinkle some joy in the and everyone in your life will notice it with BVLGARI BLV NOTTE

Thursday, August 25, 2011

KENZO Comes From Japan With The Gold

Kenzo makes a lot of things, but they seem to leave little for chances, even their bottle is a work of art. While Nordstrom was the first department store to get the latest line fragrance, Macy's just them this week.

This is one flowery smell, the Eau De Perfume Spray.34 oz is the perfect gift she'll love. Flower is a contemporary fragrance for the modern, city woman who looks to nature for inspiration and renewal. Do yourself a favor and save your time by picking something that will please.

Flower by Kenzo. A flower in the city. Wild Hawthorne, Bulgarian Rose, Parma Violet, Cassia, Hedione, Cyclosal, Opoponax, White Musk, Vanilla.. kenzo FLOWER by Kenzo Eau De Parfum Spray.34 oz, not only is this is a great smell, but the bottle is an item for collectors.

To be frank, the moment the sales person give me a sample, and it made me happy in an instant. This is a smell that will agree with everyone, there's little reasons to resent this smell. They manged to do it and also disguise the alcohol smell. That's right, you will not have to worry about that unique alcohol smell.

Thank You Kenzo Takada!

Givenchy Very Irresistible Givenchy For Men

This comes in many versions that appeal to the most demanding man of style.

At the Macy's Store, walking into the men section for care, and upon my arrival, a bottle caught my eyes, and the sales associates went for it and give me a whiff. A fraction of a second later, I now have a real keeper for my collection. Irressistable is a light fragrance that gets many, many compliments from women and men alike.

Its fragrance lasts throughout the day and is pleaseing to the senses. Its a great fresh smell that is neither musky or fruity, I don't feel like a teenager like some of the colognes make me feel. Its an awesome scent that deserves a chance, try it out next time you go to Macy's or a fragrance shop, you'll see what chocolate, and wood do to your olfactories!

No cologne should be noticeable from a distance greater than an embrace and this one is very strong at first, but just be sure to put it on a half hour or so before you go out and you'll be fine. It quickly settles down and stays in for the long haul. I know you will never fail to get positive comments from women when I wear it. It has a clean scent with citrus notes yet smells masculine, not feminine. Trust me, women will love this scent on you. Go for it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ETERNITY by Calvin Klein Eau de Parfum Spray

One day I was in the department store at the fragrance counter, and started just smelling different woman perfumes. When I smelled this one I stopped dead in my tracks. I am not sure why but this smell absolutely drives me crazy. It is such an alluring and attractive smell. Soon after smelling I purchased it with my Macy's Card.

That smell just drives me crazy, I cant stop sniffing it and it drives me wild. I am not alone. Everyone I know who has smelled it loves it. Most men agree with me that the smell just drives them nuts. Men will be drawn to you and driven crazy by your presence. If your going out to have a good time and you want anyone who smells you to be immediately drawn to you like bees to honey. This is one way to get free drinks.

Eternity is a strangely cool & innocuous floral scent that has an aromatic quality. It's like I'm in my own little, light blue perfume cloud that's perfectly suited for contemplation & thought. Eternity lasts & lasts, unlike so many fragrances today, and two or three sprays will do. I think this one is best applied as a mist walk-through. Chemistry is everything with Eternity (even the men version). The white floral are relatively subdued, not overly sweet, and they linger ... for what almost seems like an eternity.

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker With Glamour

Sure many guys don't like Jessica Parker, but most of them will approve of her perfume Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. This lady knows a thing or two about sex in the city and with that comes the smell that traps the target.

Here's what Roa had to say I've worn primarily green/citrus scents for years--Hugo Boss Woman, Happy to Be--and was very happy with them. I smelled this first on a scent strip and was intrigued; it had the crispness I like in the greener scents, but also a softness I've missed in my scents, an unexpected light musk richness. I have weird chemistry & most scents are dicey on me, so I tried this half a dozen times before purchasing, and every time I tried it, I found something new to love. I'm well beyond wishing to smell 'cute'--and this fragrance is exactly what I'm growing into, a scent for a sophisticated woman.

It's not old, it's not young; it's mature, and equally appropriate with a sweater and jeans or evening wear. The only scent I bother with anymore. I've had great success with the life of the scent--I put it on at 8am and my husband can still smell it on me at bedtime--but I prefer that it be subtle enough that only a person standing next to me smell it; perhaps some who find it short-lived prefer a bolder scent.

Just keep on mind fragrance don't smell the same on everyone. In fact, one of my favorites always smelled like bubble gum on someone else I knew, while it retained a much deeper, sensuous fragrance on me.

Carrie on TV always dressed in style and glamour. She brings both of those qualities to her first fragrance, "Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker."

Monday, August 22, 2011

Guess By Parlux Fragrances, Delivers Again!

Guess What makes an amazing smell? I don't know but the people behind Guess By Parlux Fragrances know that answer twice over. I can tell you this if you are a life loving dude who is into nightlife, you will appreciate this, it never lets you down. If you are a workaholic man with a sense of style, this one will cheer you up.

Guess is all about Great smells, this is citrus top notes get compliments throughout it's average longevity and projection. Great as a work scent, subtle citrus from beginning to end.

This is a must have colognes, but for my wife, it's her absolute favorite. Drives her crazy. It's a fragrance that isn't overpowering, yet can stand out within a crowd. Yes, so go ahead make her day and spray some fun around.

Versace Bright Crystal Pommegranate Heaven

This's a long-lasting perfume. Although you may not smell on yourself after a while - trust me, it's there - you will get compliments on it all day long - even after a 12 hour day at the office or after hours in the heat. This is one die hard perfume.

I honestly was skeptical and predetermined from other reviews, ordering perfume over the Internet would end as a complete nightmare, You are in for a good surprise. A wonderful scent that has a balance of not being too girlie but still withstands from smelling too mature or musky, its fresh,fruity,sweet,airy,with a hint of floral thats not overbearing i.e. 'the old lady smell' and not a hint of citrus, which I hate, and seems to be in a lot of fragrances nowadays.

Roa is 20 something and both the boys and girls go gaga over this scent and it's permanently embedded in her linens, clothing, car, etc. just from how often she wears it - the scent lingers in my closet and on my mattress and pillows so even after I wash everything, it's still around - which I love! You may even want to spritz a tiny bit on your closet rail or your pillows before you put on the pillow case. Think of it as your own brand.

Perfumes change with your own body chemistry so I recommend trying it on in a store first or getting a sample before you purchase. Very pleased with this purchase and will continue to buy my perfume this way. I'm about due for another bottle. Also, do try to purchase it in the winter, the heat and shipping time will impact the scent.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ralph Rocks Women "Holy Rocks"

Of course the original Ralph perfume will always be the best, but if you find yourself a little bored with this classic perfume I would suggest trying this one out of the other two choices you could take. First off Ralph Cool smells too much like the original Ralph, and Ralph Hot is just a little too much for me (I can't distinguish what I don't like, just not the best). This perfume smells a lot like Ralph Hot, but has just a little different smell to it.

The thing that sold me on this perfume was the very low key hint of coconut. I love the smell, and definitely love this perfume. This one is perfect for the beach bound people or those who miss being in that surrounding. This will have to be my scent for this summer! Shop around for a good deal, it pays.

I'm saddened due to the discontinuation of this product on the market, I buy this regularly for my wife from Amazon because she loves it. I am sure they will bring it back in some other form.

Euphoria by Calvin Klein Women

When it's Calvin Klein, you already knew that you will love this perfume, every time Roa am around someone new when she's wearing it she get complimented. The scent is a nice spicy floral. But not floral in a traditional sense. It has a kind of exotic smell to it. This will be the best perfume you will own for sometime. Slightly 'musky' I guess, but not heavy. A very intriguing smell.

Oh my gosh, this is the BOMB fragrance! It lasts all day and smells so sophisticated I am hearing that men act like they want to have an affair with you whenever you wear this. Women love it too. It is very sensual and seductive and it makes you feel so sexy. Those of you who feel it's too strong for you - whatever, dude. Try Euphoria Blossom for a lighter fragrance, I guess. I'm sticking with this. However the design of the bottle needs to change because it's impossible to use all of it when the bottle is almost empty.

Kiss Her By Kiss For Women

sure you may not be a big fan of their music and their outlandish outfits, but you still can have some KISS action. The first time you buy this perfume, I was pretty doubtful, because he thought the price so low as to maybe a bad perfume. That's the adventure of smells, you always have to take a chance and if you don't like it, there is the gift option.

When I received could not believe the smell so incredible that I had this bottle. Whenever I stand perfume in the morning to go to work, and when I get home at night, my wife left my skin smelling the scent is so divine that is inlaid into my last pore. Do not hesitate to make a second purchase and hand it to your girlfriends. Ladies buy this perfume is the most divine and the price is incredibly amazing, you and your husband would have something new to chat about.

Of all the perfumes that I have used through out the years, I can honestly say that KISS is by far the most intriguing, sensual, and stimulating perfume I have ever worn. While roa is not much of a big fan of KISS, but both I and her purchased the perfume and cologne. I can't pull myself away to wear anything else. Thank you KISS for marketing this product.

I know that Gene is the entrepreneur, but it would also be great if Paul marketed lipstick that was similar to the one he wears on stage. He could really say...KISS ME with red lips on a white box! Maybe other makeup ideas could follow. Gene is a love him or hate him sort of type, but as far as this fragrance, it seems there's a lot of love to go around.

Lucky 6 By Liz Claiborne For Women

I stumbled across this fabulous perfume while testing them at an airport during an international trip, I had been shopping around for another favorite perfume and had tested dozens. I sprayed lucky #6 for women on a test strip and was immediately taken by the soft, woody, almost spicy sweet scent. This product is fantastically priced for such an expensive smelling fragrance. Lucky #6 immediately climbed to the top of my all time favorite list! I now give this perfume to female friends and relatives as gifts. Whenever roa is wearing this perfume, I always comment on how good she smell! I will be checking the Men's version I hear it's intoxicating !

It's very light but surprisingly complex and I always get lots of compliments, often from total strangers. If you are the jealous type be aware. I've never worn the eau de toilette, so I can't speak about it, but the eau de parfum is a wonderful scent that ranks in quality to many fine smells

In my househol, we love this one so much that we make sure we have another one for special occasions like someone's birthday or something, we always give it as a gift that makes us proud.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male By Jean Paul Gaultier

Perhaps the most iconic fragrance bottle men know of.

I first placed an order with (Sephora) and with each order you get free samples, one of the samples was LeMale cologne. The smell of it is amazing, very sexy scent. It is not musky and smells clean and fresh but manly at the same time. For Valentines day my wife give me the full size bottle of LeMale. I am a better man for it. In a way this gift is for her too.

I sent a sample to my brother in law was surprised! He loves the cologne and he normally is not a cologne wearer. The longevity and projection are very strong, which is great if you crazy about it I personally think this should be classified as a chemical warfare agent and should not be used with care, it's very effective

I just had to tell how I felt about Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier. It is one of the best men's cologne that I have ever used. Not so strong and not too weak, just right. I'm not saying that they don't smell good, but just one spray and I just can't handle it.

Be aware of counterfeit and imitator, there are so many of those out there. This is a popular item and many make their own versions of it.

You Cannot Go Wrong NAUTICA BLUE For Men

I bought this for my brother I hadn't smelled it before but knowing him like I do and based on the product description and reviews, I went with it. I'm so glad that I did; my brother loves it! The scent is very "him". This is a sheer aquatic scent, masculine but not overbearingly so, refreshing and inviting.

As you know I have owned several other more expensive cologns in the past that couldn't compare to this. It was hard for me to wrap it up, I had to use a couple more times first. Wish I would have ordered two bottles. I steal it from my brother as we are both very happy with this quality, brand name product for great price

This scent makes you feel as though you're sailing on the Mediterranean on a clear, warm spring day without a care in the world. And for the price? You absolutely can not go wrong. If you're considering "Nautica BLUE", this is a purchase I highly encourage you to go forward with. Fans of Davidoff's "Cool Water" and "Acqui di Gio" by Giorgio Armani will love this scent as well.