Monday, June 20, 2011

This Summer Let Your Scent Speak

The time for fragenance is anytime really, it always pays to smell fresh, clean exciting. A good scent can uplift your spirit, and charm people. But As I live in the city here in Washington, DC and I take the public transportation, I come to appreciate people who smell good. By that I mean when I come close to them and have no place to run away from them, it would be nice if they smell good.

I do not mind smelling their perfume, I do not have any allergies, in fact few of us have allergies to good smells, but I know this all of us have a negative reaction to stinky people. Do you know anyone who can tolerate stinky people? I do not. So this summer season be generous with your good scent spread it around.

A good smell is not just for public transportation bound folks. Think about it like how in your own car, you always do your best to make it smell good, weather you smoke, have drive through habits, or a gym rat you know you do something about the smell. You do it for yourself, because no one wants to be made smell unpleasant things.

I know women have all sort of smelly nice things, scented lotions, tiny air fresheners, on the go perfume and vaporizers mist...etc. Those are all great. Just make sure to keep it real. Same things for the dudes, I saw deodorant is a great start, but it does not have to end there. A good cologne can do the trick and it does not have to be a brand name or anything. Just do not try to cover up the sweat it with it, sometimes it makes it so much worse.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Long Live Dali Agua Verde!

If you want fragrance that is truly unique and far from being a cookie cutter scent, then Agua Verde should be on your list. This is what the modern man should smell like. For me when i took my first whiff of this designer bottle, it's like stepping my foot in a while new world that I have only seen in fairytale movies.

This spectacular cologne was created by Salvador Dali line in 2005--one of their later additions. This amazing masculine scent is a mixture of citrus', and makes a great gift for any occasion. It comes in 3.4 fl. Oz so be generous when you spray it. Perhaps the best thing about this cologne is it's relative unknown status, it's not something people have in mind, you must know it to ask for it. I love that about the Dali fragrance, it allows you to be unique.

Again the bottle is kind of cool, the tall rectangle shaped bottle with the famous kiss in the middle makes you want to grab this bottle and take it home.

C-THRU, The Greek Scent

Greece is known for many things, fashion does not come up to mind, they might have given us democracy and feta cheese, but this time they did well and given us a collection of one of a kind fragrance. At first I loved how the bottles were designed and i was impressed by their collectables with all those crystal like things inside the bottle.

I first bought one without smelling it, judging form the bottle design I was a fan. And once Roa and I opened it, we are fans. We went back to the fashion store and bought the other bottles too. The price was a factor too, they were all under ten dollars each. I always hear Roa get compliments when she wear this! You know how you switch up which perfume you wear depending on your mood, and what you're wearing? Well this is my go-to for when I'm in a carefree, happy-go-lucky sort of mood. And the bottle with the glass beads it just beautiful to look at and listen to.

C-THRU, a new fragrance line for young women. Launching with three fragrances in its debut collection, C-THRU is designed to pay tribute to individual personalities with signature colors and scents. The C-THRU fragrances include: Ruby which evokes passion and confidence, Blue Opal celebrates spiritual balance and Purple Diamond suggests mysterious intrigue. The new fragrances allow young women to express their individuality through the scent of their choice.

“The C-THRU collection is about empowerment,” says Melissa Gabel, Director, Global Marketing. “Our goal with this brand is to present young, fashion conscious women with a different way to express themselves. It’s not about telling them where to fit in or conforming to a celebrity ideal,” Gabel adds, “but inviting them to discover more about who they are with our unique fragrances.” This is how we felt when we took a whiff

Aramis and Designer Fragrances launched a fragrance collection in the mass market with a prestige product approach. In addition to the superior quality fragrances with a message and price point that is accessible to younger consumers, there will be a national print advertising campaign and retail events to support the brand.

Ruby, Blue Opal and Purple Diamond, the first three scents in the C-THRU collection

Ruby, with its sweet, romantic blend of peach, rose and vanilla will appeal to your bold and passionate side. Blue Opal’s flirty blend of watermelon and lilac is great for active types who pride themselves on composure and balance. Purple Diamond, the sultry scent of the three, has hints of blackcurrant and jasmine to bring out your mysterious charms. Go for it, try this dazzling bottles with the unique secent it offers you.