Monday, June 11, 2012

Lucky 6 By Liz Claiborne For Women Is Pretty

I know it sucks for most females when someone can guess the perfume they are wearing. They like to have mysterious pleasant scent that keeps people guessing. Thus women tend to be more adventurous with their selection, they will give a no brand a test drive. If they don't like it, they would re-gift it and call is good. Also there's that thing where most women usually get so sick of  a a perfume after a while.

Let me start off by saying that as far as scents go, one could do a lot worse. Lucky No 6 isn't a perfume that packs a lot of punch as far as originality. What it does is make you smell pretty and I know you would not mind spritzing this on your flesh. When I picked up the bottle it was part of a gift set so, I did not think much of it. It was actually a quite pleasant, woody, oriental. I thought that I was lucky to have stumbled upon such an inexpensive but pleasant fragrance. It does have some staying power for a cheaper brand so if you're looking for some bang for your buck, Claiborne is your girl.

I know my sister had an issues with it and here's what she told me:

Some have said that it dries down on my skin was horrible. Some feel it makes them feel like butter the entire day. It's true some people claim some fragrances just don't work with their body chemistry? I didn't believe it until I got this. This fragrance went from 'ok' to 'did I just rub country crock on my body?" Again, this is purely my experience with my skin but be wary of how it might react with your own body. I can't even explain how it changed scents to go from one extreme to another but it did not wear well on me.

. Sometimes i get so sick that i just throw the perfume away because i know that I will never be able to wear it again wtihout gagging. Lucky no. 6 is VERY simple and not too overpowering. I have been wearing it for at least 3 weeks now and show no sign of ever giving up this fenomenal perfume.

I now give this perfume to female freinds and relatives as gifts. Whenever I am wearing this perfume, my husband always comments on how good I smell! I LOVE IT! By the way; the Men's version is intoxicating as I have noted earlier.

Getting Lucky By Bumping Into Lucky No 6 Cologne

The Chinese consider number 6 to luck a symbol of luck and good fortunate. That's what I learned a long time ago. But what I just learned that Lucky Number 6 cologne is also a source of good fortune. Roa had he female version for some time and I came to love it. Then to be frank this one was on sale at some store and I was tempted to pick it as a gift. I picked two one for me and one for my father in law.

I opened the box and got and the bottle out, sprayed a little bit and then Roa smelled she was pleased with what she was smelling and asked me to pour away the good stuff. It seems that Liz Claiborne the brand behind this fragrance. So here's the story:

This is more musky and mature. Not to be confused with "Lucky You". I was hoping for a different spin on a classic fragrance, but this is not that. This comes out as one of my all time favorite scent. It's fairly strong but very masculine and not too obnoxious. It's hard to describe but as the bottle would suggest it has oriental notes and some woody notes. I do like the exotic look the bottle comes in. It turn out this is hard to find scent so grab a bottle while you can because it's hard to find in stores anymore. If one to compare Lucky No 6 to anything, Stetson Black comes to mind and it's also inexpensive substitute.

So if you are one of those men whose taste in men's cologne includes Polo, Tommy Bahama, Burberry Brit etc. you would probably like this as well. A little does go a long way and the spray nozzle gives too much of a blast. I have gotten more compliments on this than any of my other colognes. Even those interns in our office have taken notice. So, if you want to try an underrated fragrance, you will like its unique smell and so far all the compliments have been positive and I appreciate that no one can name what I'm wearing.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's You Excuse To Wear Fragrance?

You really do not need any! 

When I first came to America, I was surprised that men don't own much cologne and when you have too many, they might think you are strange. But this is changing now. I know back home, guys love a good scent, and the only thing I could afford there was knock off brands that comes in a cool bottle. Now, I have a great collection and enjoy talking about them too.

The excitement I get each time I spray on a new fragrance is hard to match. It's like walking into a rainbow, a waterfall and spring garden at the same time. Yes, I mean that! It changes your mood and makes you happy in an instant and makes you forget for a quick second about what's bothering you--I am still talking about fragrance here.

I know Roa appreciates my keen sense of fragrance, I pick hers too, she trusts me. Something about my nose and the ability to detect more notes than most can. So to answer my earlier questions, after I take my morning shower, I hit the bottle, at work I have few bottles with me depending on the mood and the setting, I pick one. then at night before I go to bed, I spray on some other scent that I miss. Not to forget the special occasions as well, I am always looking forward to filling my clothes with those pleasant flowery happy scents.

I have reached the point where I git people a lot of fragrance, it's one of those underrated pleasured in life. I know my own mother asks me to send her some new fragrance with anybody who is going back home. She is older now yet still appreciate a good scent and so does my grandfather who likes a good shower and a fresh cologne.  


Zirh Ikon: Vanity Shouldn't Cost A Fortune

2008 was a terrible year for most of us, but for those who like great cologne, it was a happy year since Zirh Ikon was launched. It's my favorite cologne, I got it once as a gift and have never really found anything that I like as much as this. I am a little bias, as I own almost all of "ZIRH's" cologna. I really do love them all. IKON is good.

Zirh Ikon is basically a fragrance of incense and wood dried in my opinion represents a virile and macho style where not everyone can use it in this list of notes saying that the iris and amber, but can not detect these notes. It comes with a decent longevity. Zirh Ikon has a cool name and feels very linear in my skin does not undergo major changes.

Finally a great option if you do not want to spend a lot and get a quality fragrance and very masculine... and you will be smelling like you just took a walk in one of those world famous Marrakesh Markets. Enjoy the perfect fusion of flowers, spices and wine with some darker notes lurking underneath. The longevity is decent. The spicy juice is just great for a cold weather scent, and something different. 

Finally a great option if you do not want to spend a lot and get a quality fragrance and very masculine. If compliments your measurement of a goof scent, then get used to them with Zirh. Just do not over do it if the weather is too hot outside.