Sunday, September 4, 2011

Curve Vintage Soul Perfume For Women

Curve Vintage Soul Perfume For Women by Liz Claiborne is one of those things you know you must try. As a fan of all things Liz Claiborne, I find people behind their line of clothes and fragrance know the kind of people they are designing things for. This is a huge plus, so in essence Liz Claiborne wants their work to be liked by everyone and they get that by custom making their line to fit certain demographic. The scent itself is wonderful & would make for a great "night" scent to wear on a sexy date or a night on the town. I just wish that I was able to wear it myself Bottom line: my wife discovered this when a friend gave her one of those little samples. It has been her favorite perfume for years and she more than gets my attention when she wears it. :-) It is soft/flowery/warm and gently. Its not a really big brand name as far as women's perfumes go but buy it and you will wonder how did you do without it. She gets a lot of compliments from friends and family and this is now her primary fragrance. The scent is a wonderfully musky scent that is more mature version of the original & when I first put it on I was pleased with how I smelled. Unfortunately there's two things about it that I do have to warn people about. First is that a little of this goes a long way, which I quickly discovered. Another friend of mine has used this & absolutely loves it, so I'll probably give my extra bottle to her to use--on her birthday. So if you are looking for something wonderful and new at the same time, go for the Curve.

Usher UR Perfume For Women by Usher

Pop Star And Actor Usher Launched This Delectable Fruity/ Floral Scent For Women In 2008 As The Feminine Counterpart To His Men's Cologne Ur. Notes Include Fresh Peach, Freesia, Osmanthus, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Peony, Woodsy Notes, Musk And Praline. This player who is known for his love of nightlife and women put the best of both things together in his UR. As you look at the notes, you will know Usher has not left any scent known to man without incorporating it in this fragrance. I received this perfume recently and the scent is pleasantly intoxicating. It has a light, sweet, sophisticated yet youthful, floral scent to it. Many perfumes smell too strong when you first apply them. UR smells great immediately upon application and takes you on a journey as it progressively gets better. I normally like Donna Karan's cashmere mist, which I still enjoy, but this will definitely be a go to perfume from now on. A little goes and long way and it's long lasting. I wore it for the first time yesterday and I was complemented on how great I smelled. This has become one of my favorites to wear. I would say that its more of a day fragrance, but I love wearing it day or night. I wish that the scent would last longer on me. I would say that it lasts 6-8 hours. When it starts to fade I just reapply. So help your friends hang out with a celebrity, this time you are the star.