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Brittany Nicole Smith: $1,500 in perfumes stolen at Ulta Cosmetics in Port St. Lucie

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Police have arrested two people in connection with the theft of more than $1,500 in perfume and fragrances last month.

Investigators said the thefts occurred Oct. 10 at Ulta Cosmetics located on SW Village Parkway in Port St. Lucie.

Brittany Nicole Smith, 18, and a 16-year-old girl, both of Vero Beach, Fla., were arrested after tips identified the two suspects in surveillance video.

Through the course of the investigation, a third suspect has been identified and detectives are currently applying for arrest warrants for that individual.


Life Dream Status: Pumpkin Pie Perfume

I’ve been on the hunt for my signature scent ever since Ami became my perfume mentor, and I think I just found it: Pumpkin Pie Cologne from Demeter Fragrance Library. I know I like fragrances with vanilla undertones — why not toss some cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin puree into the mix? Just in case the idea of smelling like pumpkin pie in public freaks you out, the scent is also available in shower gel form, which is a bit more subtle and perfect for lathering up on Thanksgiving morning. Whip cream-scented lotion optional. [Refinery 29]

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Our Favorite Fragrances This Fall — Shop Our Top 13 Perfumes

When you smell good, you feel good! To help you amp up your style, we have compiled a list of our favorite perfumes this season and they all smell amazing! Shop our gallery to find the fragrance that’s right for your personality!

Finding the right fragrance for your personality can be challenging — whether sweet, floral, or bold, these perfumes will help you achieve sexiness! Perfume can help enhance your mood and style by creating a potent accessory that others can admire. Has someone ever complimented you saying “Wow, you smell great!” — Well, now they will!  No matter your age or personal style — our top 13 perfumes will surely leave you smelling great and feeling even better!

Best Perfumes For Fall — Sweet Smelling Fragrance
If you like sweeter and richer smells — then a light and airy perfume is the perfect fragrance for you! One of our favorites is Britney Spears Fantasy perfume. This spray has white chocolate, musk, and jasmine blended together to make the perfect smelling fragrance.

This perfume is great for day or night and can be sprayed all over the body because it is not overpowering. What’s even better about this particular fragrance is that it is SO affordable — it’s a great gift to give this holiday season!

Floral Smelling Fragrances

Want to show off your confidence and make your presence known? May we suggest you try Nicki Minaj’s Minajesty. This floral fragrance is a sultry scent that is a mix of various fruits and flowers — surely making you stand out! The glamourous smell is one that you will fall in love with — it’s the perfect perfume for day or night.

A few spritzes of this glamourous fragrance and you’ll be smelling like a diva. Just as the bottle is beautifully bold — this perfume can take your look to the next level!

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New Marilyn Monroe recording to be used for perfume ad

The voice of Marilyn Monroe will feature in a new television ad for Chanel No. 5 after previously unheard audio was unearthed of the screen siren confirming she wore only the iconic perfume to bed.

The recording, from an interview given to Marie Claire journalist Georges Belmont in 1960, was discovered by Chanel last year and will be used in a global campaign rolling out this month.

?You know, they ask you questions. Well just an example, ‘What do you wear to bed? Do you wear a pyjama top? The bottoms of the pyjamas? Or a nightgown?’” she says in the recording.

“So I said Chanel No. 5! Because it’s the truth. And yet I don’t want to say ‘nude’. But it’s the truth.”

No. 5 was created in 1921 by the nose Ernest Beaux, as a special order from Coco Chanel herself, who wanted a unique scent to pair with her fashion designs.

Monroe first confessed to Life Magazine in 1952 to wearing only “five drops of Chanel No. 5″ to bed, in one of her most remembered quotes.

Many celebrities have served as the official face of the perfume before, including Catherine Deneuve, Nicole Kidman, Vanessa Paradis and most recently Brad Pitt, the first man in the role.

[Image: Marilyn Monroe in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," via Wikipedia Commons]

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Perfumer Roja Dove Creates New Perfume In Honour of The Cheapside Hoard

London-based perfumer Roja Dove has designed a perfume to coincide with the opening of a new exhibition at the Museum of London entitled ‘The Cheapside Hoard’.

The Hoard is a stash of Tudor jewellery uncovered by workman while digging foundations in 1912, in an area of the City of London known as Cheapside. The collection, which has never been put on display to the public in its entirety, is thought to date from between 1640 to 1666, when the Great Fire of London destroyed much of the City. It’s believed that the large collection was stock belonging to a jeweller “It’s the biggest and most important collection of Elizabethan jewellery in the world” said curator Hazel Forsyth. “It’s a time capsule of contemporary taste, manufacture and design”.

Among the items buried in the mud was an ornate perfume bottle suspended on a chain. The Museum of London asked Roja Dove, who owns the Haute Parfumerie at Harrods, to create a perfume evocative of the era.

Visitors can gaze at the exquisite perfume bottle while they put their noses to a small grate where the perfume is encased in the wall behind it, rather like a priest’s confessional, to be sensed but not seen.

Dove says "I love the idea that London was such an important port of entry for exotic goods arriving from every corner of the known world. Spices, musk and ambergris, would have joined exotic materials such as frankincense and myrrh, and the much loved benzoin, often referred to as benjamin at this time, with its soft rounded vanilla odour. These richly scented materials were far removed from the puritan smell of lavender or the foul stench of the streets and unwashed bodies. Perfume showed your position in society. Perfume defines status."

The perfume contains ambergris, rose and spices – ingredients typical of the time but available only to the very richest. There is also a case in the exhibition which shows some raw materials which would have been used at the time including ambergris, pouches of musk, and castoreum.


Special Screening Of Perfume Will Feature Scratch And Sniff Scent Track

While some are still rolling their eyes over the industry's current obsession with 3D, a special screening in Los Angeles will pay tribute to a far less popular movie house novelty: Smell-O-Vision. THR reports special screenings of Perfume: The Story of a Murderer on November 6th and 7th in Los Angeles will boast a special "scent track" that will allow audience members to experience the antihero's journey by following his nose with special scratch and sniff cards made for the occasion.

This is not a new device. In 1960, William Castle called it Smell-O-Vision. In 1981, John Waters called it Odorama. But considering Perfume--both Tom Twyker's movie and Patrick Suskind novel it's based on--deal heavily in what the characters smell, this is a pretty inspired use of this gimmick. Beyond that, the scratch and sniff cards have been designed by perfumer Chrisophe Laudamiel and his partner Christoph Hornetz based on a limited edition collection that debuted upon the film's initial release back in 2006 though Thierry Mugler.

Set in the rank streets of 18th century France, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer tells the tale of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (Ben Whishaw) a foul killer with a keen sense of smell but no personal scent of his own. In his quest to create the world's finest perfume, he works at a perfume shop run by Giuseppe Baldini (Dustin Hoffman), and indulges in murder to get the ingredients he demands.

The special edition coffret sold for $800 each. Its small box lined in red velvet contained 15 scents that aimed to tell the story of the film through smell. (You can read a review of this endeavor here.) But these weren't typical perfumes of flowers and spices. As the story talks about the necessity for vile smells to recognize the good, Laudamiel and Hornetz created scents that represented every aspect of the book, down to particular passages. Baldini's Boutique is said to smell of spice, beeswax and violet. Orgy smells of warm vanilla and a musk reminiscent of sweaty skin, while Paris 1738 is meant to invoke the smell of sewage, rotting food and horse sweat.

A fan of the novel, Laudamiel had begun work on this collection essentially for his own pleasure when he heard in the early 2000s that a movie version was in development. He dedicated his free time to creating the smellscape of Perfume's Grenouille, and once he was finished--completing the packaging with vials bought at a flea market--he and Hornetz contacted Constantin Films about a possible movie tie-in. It was a lush bit of movie marketing, but none of the individual scents were ever mass marketed. Of course now LA moviegoers can experience this different brand of 3D movie by scratching off the card to allow Laudamiel's scents to envelop them as they watch this story of twisted passion and murder.

The logistics of these kinds of screenings are complicated, which is part of why scent tracks have never really caught on. But Laudamiel has high hopes for this device, and has started his own company DreamAir to explore it as well as other unconventional uses for fragrances. While it may seem too strange to catch on, he believes this could prove a unique way to get audiences back into movie theaters, saying, "It is the one experience that cinemas can offer to viewers that Internet downloads cannot."

These scented Perfume screenings are free and open to the public, courtesy of the Institute of Art and Olfaction.


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Does Your Perfume Make Your Co-Workers Gag?

As more US employers ban perfume at work, colleagues not to drench themselves in the smelly stuff before companies outlaw it altogether. To the many men who think 'more is more' in the Cologne department, the HR team are looking at you.

Bloomberg Businessweek's Claire Suddath and Emma Rosenblum discuss perfume in the workplace with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Watch Here

Star Fragrance Rundown: The Olsen Twins’ New Scents

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are adding a new feature to their growing lifestyle brand: fragrance.
The perfume duo, which the twins named Nirvana, will be associated with their Elizabeth and James line and sold exclusively at Sephora stores starting in January.

"We always knew we wanted to have a fragrance for this brand, because it's very lifestyle," Ashley told Women's Wear Daily. "We felt that between the brand Elizabeth and James and Sephora that we were really speaking together directly to our customer. We felt that was a really good place to start exploring the world of fragrance and beauty."

The twins chose Nirvana because, as Ashley explained to WWD, "to us, this was really about a moment—and what's that one word that's going to define that one moment where you feel comfortable, sexy and at ease with yourself?"

Nirvana Black features notes of violet, sandalwood, and vanilla, while Nirvana White is a mesh of peony, muguet, and musk.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana eaux de parfum will be available in three sizes: 50 ml. for $75, 30 ml. for $55 and $22 for a rollerball applicator.

Who: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, our fashion spirit animals and textured hair gurus.

What: Their first perfumes for Elizabeth and James, “Nirvana White” and “Nirvana Black.”

When: In late January, the scents will be released in Sephora stores in North America and on, late January — in other words, too far from now.

Adorable detail: Mary Kate got to “play dog trainer” on the set of the perfume’s photo shoot (which features a naked model and a black dog).

Why we care: The Olsens have developed a serious reputation for quality in the fashion game, and there’s no reason to doubt that their new fragrances will be anything but carefully curated and super stylish. The fragrances took almost two years to develop; they convey, according to Mary Kate, a sense of intimacy, while Ashley says that they embody “that one moment where you feel comfortable, sexy and at ease with yourself.” Nirvana White features peony, muguet, and musk notes. Nirvana Black is violet, sandalwood, and vanilla. Yeah, we’ll do anything to be more like an Olsen.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Prada Rises on Coty Deal for Miu Miu Perfume: Hong Kong Mover

Prada SpA (1913), the Italian seller of the namesake luxury bags, rose the most in more than a month in Hong Kong trading after signing a licensing deal for Coty Inc. (COTY) to create and distribute perfumes under the Miu Miu brand.

Prada rose as much as 3.2 percent to HK$76 in Hong Kong before trading at HK$75.90 as of 11:22 a.m. local time, headed for the biggest gain since Sept. 16. The Hang Seng Index fell 0.3 percent.

Prada is seeking to develop Miu Miu as global demand for luxury goods cools. The 20-year-old fashion and accessories label, named after Prada Chairman Miuccia Prada, had sales of 512.8 million euros ($706 million) in the year ended Jan. 31, or 16 percent of total company revenue. The deal with Coty would allow Prada to expand its second-largest unit in the $60 billion luxury beauty industry.

The agreement with Coty “marks a major step forward in Miu Miu’s development plan,” Prada Chief Executive Officer Patrizio Bertelli said in the statement.

The Miu Miu fragrance line is expected to be introduced in 2015, the Milan-based company said yesterday in a statement.

Sales of luxury goods are set to expand 2 percent this year to 217 billion euros, according to Bain & Co. Spending on beauty products, which accounts for about a fifth of the total, will grow in line with the market, Bain estimates.


Woman charged with stealing bottle of Nicki Minaj perfume

Artists and Celebrities want you to have their fragrance, but you must pay for the product, not get it in a way that will land you in trouble.

Police in Cumberland charge a woman on Halloween night with stealing a bottle of Nicki Minaj perfume.  The incident began at about 8:54 pm at Kohl’s in Silver Spring Township. Store Loss Prevention employees told police that the suspect who allegedly stole the perfume had fled in a white Toyota sedan.

The vehicle was quickly located and police identified the driver as Amy Auxt. She admitted to stealing the perfume but said that she threw it out the window as she was fleeing.

Auxt is charged with Retail Theft.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fragrance 101: Everything You Need to Know About Picking the Perfect Scent

Divine Caroline: Can you break down some of the lingo we always hear when looking for a perfume. What exactly are top notes, base notes, etc.?
Renee Bukowski: Unlike flowers where the taste is received all at once, fragrances evaporate and reach the nose over time. A general composition of fragrance is a fragrance pyramid, which has top, mid and base notes. Top notes are what you smell first. These are the citrus, fruity, ozonic notes. Mid, or heart notes, are the floral, spice and herbaceous notes. Base notes consist of woods, balsams and musks.

DC: How can you choose the right fragrance when you’re in a store for a limited period of time and there are so many scents to test out?
RB: When choosing a fragrance, spray the scent on a blotter card to pick up the top note or initial impression. Blotter cards are a great way to sample multiple fragrances at once. Next, you want to determine which scent you liked most and spray it on your wrist. Don’t rub your wrists together, but rather pat them lightly together and smell throughout the day. It’s important to notice the fragrance evolving from the top, mid and base notes through the day and to fall in love with the fragrance as it dries down.

DC: Where should you spray your perfume to get that great scent to last all day?
RB: Spray on your pulse points: wrists, neck and décolletage. If you want a little extra scent, spray it in your hair and the fragrance will linger as your hair moves.

DC: What notes and fragrances are going to be most popular throughout this season and into next?
RB: We follow trends across all categories very closely and macro trends for fall are focusing on notes from nature, such as honey and rose. But this rose is modernized from traditional roses. For example, Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb Rose Explosion is a rose oriental scent that combines rose and honey!

Shop Bukowski's picks are in the picture above:

Fred Segal Launches Bespoke Fragrance Blending Kit

Fred Segal has created its first ever bespoke fragrance blending kit just in time for the holidays.
The Santa Monica store which has been creating signature scents for celebrities and the LA for more than 30 years has now launched The Blend by Fred Segal. 
This specially curated fragrance oil kit contains 10 rollerballs made of custom Italian glass, each featuring a different base note that can either be worn alone or mixed together.
Thousands of scents can be created based on mood, activity and occasion.
The kit contains a trifold carrying case, a display stand and step-by-step fragrance “recipe” cards. In case you aren’t feeling particular creative, the kit also includes pre-made “recipes” for scents like the aquatic”Regatta”, the floral “Flower District” and the spicy “Tryst”.
The Blend launches in November 2013 with a retail price of $150.00 USD and will be sold at Fred Segal and SpaceNK stores.

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Andy Cohen Is Turning Lady Gaga’s Pee Into Perfume

Obsession is a light word went defining the idea sparked by a man to scoop up Lady Gaga’s tinkle puddles for the sake of transforming it into perfume. After a recent visit to Andy Cohen’s talk show, Watch What Happens Live, the American pop superstar had to urinate really badly, so she went in her dressing room’s trash can. After Gaga exited her room, she apologized to Cohen, as it was an emergency to quickly go without having to rush immediately to the bathroom. Instead of being upset, Cohen saw the disaster as a rare opportunity; he had now, in his possession, fresh celebrity urine, and he wasn’t going to miss his chance; Cohen had an assistant collect the pee before it went bad, and had it turned into a perfume.

On Tuesday, Cohen broke his pee collecting tale, and told late night TV host Jimmy Fallon confirming Lady Gaga’s tweet that it did happen.

New methods to trace fragrance allergens

A recent doctoral thesis from the University of Gothenburg presents new methods to trace allergenic fragrance compounds in consumer products, such as perfumes.

Since  and hygiene products generally are exposed to air when used, it is important to use air-exposed fragrance compounds when testing a patient for allergic reactions, and not only the pure fragrance compounds.
'I have developed methods for chemical analysis that for the first time make it possible to identify fragrance compounds that have been exposed to air and thus become potent allergens in small amounts and that people may come in contact with in ,' says Johanna Rudbäck at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg.
Fragrance compounds are among the most allergenic substances in our environment and are almost always used in cosmetics and hygiene products.
Rudbäck studied two essential oils containing some of the most common fragrance compounds, sweet orange oil and petitgrain oil. The researchers have previously shown that exposing some common fragrance compounds to air leads to the formation of potent allergens, hydroperoxides in particular.
'My analyses show that hydroperoxides from the fragrance compounds were present already before the bottles were opened, and the levels increased when the oils were exposed to air. The study shows that the oils didn't have any natural protection against the formation of allergenic compounds,' says Rudbäck.
To learn more about what happens when exposing fragrance compounds to air, Rudbäck studied two additional commonly used fragrance compounds, alpha-terpinene and citronellol. Alpha-Terpinene is found in for example tea tree oil and citronellol, from geranium, is one of the six most common fragrance compounds in cosmetics and .
'The allergenic effect of both compounds increased tenfold after air exposure compared to the pure fragrance compounds,' says Rudbäck.
The hydroperoxides from the fragrance compounds are generally difficult to identify and quantify. They are unstable and lack UV absorbance, and are very similar and come in several different forms. In addition, they are found in low concentrations in complex mixtures. The new methods involve separation of the hydroperoxides using either liquid or gas chromatography and detection using mass spectrometry.
'According to EU regulations, cosmetics must be specially labelled when containing fragrance allergens in concentrations exceeding 0.001% in stay-on products such as lotions and 0.01% in rinse-off products such as shampoos,' says Rudbäck.

Read more Here 

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Quadpack Launches Limited Edition Perfume

Cosmetic packaging provider Quadpack has issued a limited edition perfume named ‘Wood’, in celebration of its 10th anniversary. The fragrance is beautifully packaged, uniting the finest components the group has to offer: Premi’s elegant Hollywood bottle, a gold anodised spray pump and a tapered beech cap from Technotraf, all held in a sheer organza pouch. The bottle is decorated with a design inspired by nature.
See product and contact details of QUADPACK UK LTD.

View suppliers of similar products in the Packaging Network.
The light, fresh fragrance – evoking a sense of forests and woods – was created especially for Quadpack by GRC Parfume and filled by filling partner Maxim.

Project managed by Premi, Quadpack CEO Tim Eaves commented: “‘Wood’ is a celebration of our achievement as a global team. Developed by our talented packaging engineers, it shows how various elements can be brought together, to make a united whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. By bringing in our most trusted partners, ‘Wood’ also demonstrates a flawless supply chain that has been nurtured over the years.”

Unveiled at LuxePack Monaco last week, ‘Wood’ was the highlight of the Quadpack stand.

More info:

Jaguars trapped by perfume obsession

Now this is not a problem that most of us have. Even so, let me lay it on you. How would you attract a jaguar to your camera trap?

Let's look at the jaguar. This solitary, nocturnal animal is smaller than lions or tigers and so it's the third largest cat in the world.

The female's territory ranges from 25 to 40 square kilometres, while the male's is twice the size. Today, jaguars are found only in the Americas, from the southwest of the USA across the equator and down to northern Argentina.

Second, what is a camera trap? It's a remote hidden camera that silently takes photographs when an animal passes in front of the lens and triggers some kind of sensor. It has many advantages.

First, you learn about the animal's natural behaviour without the confounding affects of a human presence. Most animals can't sense infrared radiation so infrared flashes are widely used to take the photos.

Second, a camera trap lets you collect data continuously, whereas a human operator would need to sleep.

Third, camera traps have given us both evidence of rare species in the wild and rare behaviour, such as an eagle attacking a deer.

Fourth, it's a lot cheaper to set up a whole bunch of camera traps than to pay many field assistants.

And fifth, camera traps are a much kinder and less invasive way of getting information about animals than the traditional method of trapping, studying and finally releasing them.

So, how do you get a jaguar to visit your camera trap? Well according to Miguel Ordeñana a biologist from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles you spray a men's cologne — that's right Calvin Klein Obsession for Men on a tree branch near the centre of your camera's field of view.

Now, this odd preference was discovered by a researcher at the Bronx Zoo in New York who tried a whole bunch of different scents and found that the jaguars really, really liked Obsession.

Why? Well we're not really sure. But the best guess is related to the fact that Obsession contains two chemicals: civetone and vanilla extract. Perhaps the vanilla triggers the curiosity of the jaguar — we really don't know. But we know a lot more about civetone, one of the oldest-known perfume ingredients.

It's a musky chemical collected by glands near the anus of the civet, and it's widely used as a fragrance and stabilising chemical in perfumes. The poor animal that supplies the much valued civetone is the civet, a mostly nocturnal animal from tropical Africa and Asia. It looks like a cat but it's more closely related to a mongoose. They're not very large, being about 43 to 71 centimetres long with a weight between 1.4 and 4.5 kilograms.

Why would a jaguar be interested in civetone? Well, jaguars like to mark out their territory, and the civetone probably smells like the territorial marker of a potential invader. So the jaguar responds by rubbing its own scent on top of the cologne Calvin Klein Obsession for Men and bingo, it unknowlingly gets photographed.

By the way, there's another twist to this tale. The most expensive coffee in the world, up to $700 per kilogram is made from coffee beans that have passed through the gut of a civet. The civet eats the so-called 'coffee cherry', digests the plump fruit and excretes the indigestible coffee bean covered in civet poo.

This coffee is variously claimed to be "smooth, chocolately and devoid of any bitter after-taste" or having a "smooth, caramel-like taste or a rich, almost full-bodied syrupy quality". Certainly, research by food chemist Massimo Marcone found that the digestive enzymes inside the civet's gut attacked some of the proteins in the coffee bean. This snipped some of the longer proteins into shorter ones and actually generated lots of free amino acids. Did it actually improve the flavour? Well, according to the coffee connoisseurs: "no". Civet coffee is pretty universally reckoned to be an expensive and rare novelty item rather than the prince of coffees.

But one thing you should know is: if you are on a bushwalk through the jungles of Nicaragua you might be better off not wearing Calvin Klein Obsession for Men …


Friday, November 22, 2013

Whiskey in Your Perfume? Meet Luxury Perfumer Seth Kornegay

Looking for a unique scent to make your signature? How about a shot of whiskey?

Luxury perfumer Seth Kornegay has recently added a line of affordable rollerballs to his collection so everyone can experience his fragrances. Starting at just $30 for 15 ml travel size rollerballs (up to $620 for 1.7 oz parfum), each scent is made without any synthetics and derived from both pure and unusual ingredients sourced from around the world.

Kornegay's line offers eight exclusive Eau de Parfums available only in small, hand-numbered quantities.

Among his collection, fragrance Petra is one of Seth's rarest and most interesting unisex fragrances. The scent includes Islay single malt whiskey from the southernmost portion of the Inner Hebridean Islands located off the west coast of Scotland. Talk about unique!

Orla is a fragrance created to honor First Lady Michelle Obama. The scent includes notes of dazzling Rose garden, interspersed with notes of Tuberose and African Violets, sprinkled with Pear Williams Eau de Vie.

Seth is also is pleased to announce the debut of his newest natural fragrance during Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Undenied - specifically created to honor all the remarkable qualities associated with each brave person who fights breast cancer daily. Undenied is a unique fragrance that strives to epitomize the enduring strength and character of those battling breast cancer each and every day.

"Watching my grandmother battle breast cancer daily left an indelible mark on my soul that led me to create Undenied in order to honor, and hopefully help, all those affected by this disease," said Kornegay. "Our luxury perfume house has been blessed with success and we are pleased we are in a position to give back and assist organizations who in some way help those with breast cancer on a daily basis."

Undenied features White Amber and Alpine freshness accentuated with Italian Citrus notes which are highlighted with exotic, wild Northern herbs, rare barks, and feral spices out of Kipling's adventurous tales from days of yore. Undenied is now available is 50 ml Eau de Parfum ($205), 50 ml Eau de Toilette ($95) and 15 ml Eau de Toilette Rollerball ($30). The company will donate 25 percent of the proceeds from the sale of Undenied to various breast cancer awareness organizations.


Design student Celeste Watson redesigned Hewlett Packard's packaging to emphasize how pricey cartridges can be.

Printer cartridges can be quite expensive. To emphasize that fact, Melbourne-based design student Celeste Watson redesigned the packaging for Hewlett Packard’s printer cartridges in the same style as the iconic luxury product, Chanel No. 5 perfume.

Watson’s new design of the printer ink packaging features a white box with colored borders and clean and simple font types. The back of the box features details about the product. The packaging includes quotes from specialists and research experts talking about the technology and price of printer ink. It also includes descriptions like  ”It’s more than coloured water.”

According to the description on Watson’s Behance page, the project aims to ‘resolve the current discrepancy between the price of the product and its packaging.’

Watson is currently a student at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mother and daughter sought in shoplifting perfume worth $15,000

October 28, 2013|By Henry Pierson Curtis, Orlando Sentinel

A mother and daughter from Volusia County face charges of shoplifting more than $15,000 of perfume from a chain of perfume and beauty shops across Central Florida.

Jennifer Decoteau and her daughter Eryn Rice are wanted for stealing at least $4,000 of perfume on Oct. 3 from an Ulta store at 2609 W. Osceola Parkway, according to Kissimmee police.

Decoteau, 39, and Rice, 20, were photographed by security cameras as they left the Kissimmee store, according to police. They are suspects in similar thefts but the locations of those stores were not available on Monday.

Rice remains held in the Seminole County Jail after being arrested Saturday in Altamonte Springs after she left an Alta perfume shop with $3,500 in unpaid merchandise, Kissimmee police spokeswoman Stacie Miller said Monday afternoon.

Anyone who has seen Decoteau recently is asked to call Crimeline at 800-423-8477. or 407-420-5257.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Some of you may know this, some may not. Here at xoJane, some of us, many of us, have a huge obsession with mermaids. Can you blame us? They’re by far the coolest, sexiest mythical creatures ever. Remember those bitchy lagoon mermaids from Peter Pan? All hairflips and lashes. They didn’t give a DAMN. 
Anyway, mer-gang, today I swim up to you with a mer-themed article about mermaid fragrances! Mermaids and fragrances are two of my absolute favorite things, so you know straight out the gate that I am ALL about these!
I know they live in the ocean, and the ocean smells gross sometimes. But when I imagine how a mermaid would smell, which I so frequently do, I imagine they’d smell sweet, sultry, fresh, fruity and beachy, or something. You know. Like a hot girl with a fish tail that doesn’t exist! I wonder what they shampoo with…

Without spiraling completely off track, the green and floral notes keep Mermaid’s Kiss light and sophisticated enough to wear to the office, while the fruity notes keep it playful and great for a mermaid of any age. Pineapple is my favorite fruit, so I LOVE when it shows up in a fragrance, which is rare. More pineapple fragrances, please!
It also comes in a body crème and scrub that are both fantastic. Especially the coarse sugar and salt scrub that melts away as it exfoliates and leaves your skin scary smooth, getting rid of dead skin and leaving behind moisturizing plant oils. And it’s PINK.

A bed of roses: Beauty and fragrance make them Britain's favourite bloom

Roses remain our favourite flower - a fact that is proven year after year when surveys are conducted into our gardening tastes. The bright blooms, the fact that they appear again and again over the summer and their wonderful fragrance combine to make them real winners.

THANKS to container growing, you can plant roses at any time of year, even in full bloom, but those which are sold between now and the end of March as 'bare root' plants, freshly dug up from nursery rows with no soil clinging to the roots, are not only very easily established, but may also be more attractively priced.

They are also more likely to form a better root system than container-grown roses, which can sometimes be reluctant to push out roots from a congested root ball. A bare root plant must root outwards to anchor and feed itself and so has a real incentive to form a substantial root system, rather than relying on the roots that are already established within the root ball.

Added to this, you'll find a far greater choice of varieties if you buy bare-root plants by mail order from a specialist grower, and poring over the catalogues on an autumn evening is one of life's greatest pleasures.

Order quickly, and as soon as you receive the plants, bury their roots in a spare patch of ground until you are ready to plant. When you do plant them, choose a sunny spot in earth that has been enriched with plenty of well-rotted garden compost or manure.

When it comes to planting depth, the knobbly union between the stems of the variety and the rootstock of briar should be at or fractionally below the surface of the soil to make for stability. Plant it too high and there is a danger of wind rock, causing the bush to become unstable.

Hybrid teas and foribundas can be pruned quite hard after planting - back to between four and six inches above ground. With shrub roses, don't be so drastic. Make your cuts about a foot above soil level - always pruning to an outward-facing bud (if you can see one) so that when the shoots grow they stand a chance of producing a shapely goblet-shaped bush.

You'll seldom need to water in a rosebush planted at this time of year, but sprinkling a root growth stimulant in the bottom of the hole is always a good idea, as is mulching the surface of the soil after planting with a 2-inch layer of chipped bark, well-rotted garden compost or manure. THis will seal in moisture and reduce weed growth.

So, why not treat yourself to a few of the nation's favourite flowers over the next few months? Don't miss Alan's gardening column today and every day in the Daily Express. For more information on his range of gardening products, visit


What happens when a woman wears Axe fragrance for a week?

Probably if I had watched the commercials first, I would never have undertaken this whole stupid experiment.

Axe commercials? Awful. They are the media equivalent of the fragrance itself. I mean, naked ladies covered in tiny congruent triangles assault bemused middle managers. These are commercials that could have been made backstage at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, if angels really liked feathers in their strawberry milkshakes.

Nor did I come to Axe men’s fragrance by sniffing the air at the U.S. Supreme Court, which I cover. Me, I discovered Axe the usual way, through my 13-year-old nephew, for whom the whole prospect of a lifetime of boom-chicka-wah-wah is perhaps still too much to contemplate.

My own boys, at 8 and 10, are too young for Axe, or for fragrance, or for wah-wahs of any variety — or so I shall insist to myself until they are about 40. But after a single day at the beach in August, when they shared a bathroom with their big hockey-playing, Axe-scented cousin/hero, even the 8-year-old was smearing his small hairless self with the body wash, deodorant and spray cologne.

Dinners quickly became unbearable, with three Axe-drenched young people fogging up all tastes and smells. On it went, until the final weekend at the beach, when I found myself trapped in the shower with only a bottle of three-in-one Axe (shampoo, body-wash and conditioner). So I broke down and used it.

It was the most sublimely powerful fragrance experience of my adult life. Truly. After decades of smelling like a flower or a fruit, for the first time, I smelled like teen boy spirit. I smelled the way an adolescent male smells when he feels that everything good in the universe is about to be delivered to him, possibly by girls in angel wings. I loved it. I wanted more.

When I told my husband that I was planning to wear only Axe men’s products for an entire week, his answer was a foreshadowing of things to come: “You’re planning on wearing that stuff to bed every night for a week? Man. Axe really does work. It’s only been a few minutes and look, you’re already single again …” 

Read more here

Monday, November 18, 2013

Britney Spears Celebrates 10 Years of Fragrances, Plus Win an Autographed Bottle of Your Own!

Calling all Britney Spears fans!

If you want to get your hands on your very own autographed bottle of the star's brand new 10-year anniversary Fantasy fragrance, you better work!

That's right, the pop princess has just unveiled her latest perfume, which is available to, to mark a decade of making perfumes for her loyal fans, and we've got one treasured bottle up for grabs signed by Britney herself!

The striking black and gold bottle feels edgy and mysterious and the scent is aromatic with notes of lychee, quince, fresh kiwi, cupcake accord, jasmine petals, white chocolate orchid, smooth musk and more.

So heavenly!

"I still find it shocking that it has been 10 years. It's funny but as I look back, it feels like each fragrance marked a different time in my life and each one represents a different piece of who I was at the time,"  Britney said in a release. "I have the most loyal fan foundation on the planet. This is such a good example of how loyal, passionate and supportive my fans have been throughout the years.

Suddenly, what started out as something about me, is now about my fans. Without them, I wouldn't be who I am today."

And there you have it, ladies! This one's for you.

Full Article

Greg Lauren, Barneys New York fete new designer fragrance

Actor, artist and fashion designer Greg Lauren unveiled his foray into the world of fragrance in Hollywood on Tuesday night -- against a backdrop of olive-drab Army tents, paint-splattered plywood floors and just beyond a paintbrush-wielding gentleman near the entrance who generously anointed arriving guests with a baptismal swath of blue paint.

Once inside, the guests, who had been provided white Greg Lauren overshirts on arrival, removed them and hung them on racks to dry (or, in some cases, have additional paint splattered on them) and were given claim tickets so they could take their one-of-a-kind spontaneous creations with them as they left.

As a way of hammering home Lauren's goal for the scent -- a Barneys New York collaboration -- it was a master (brush) stroke of genius.

"I wanted everyone to immediately and interactively engage in the artistic spirit," he said. "To have fun and feel what it's like to be the bottle."

Lauren was referring to the paint-splattered fragrance bottles, each one distressed by Lauren himself -- a torn label here, a bit of hand-sanding there -- and labeled with a simple piece of masking tape on which he'd written his name with a black Sharpie pen.

"I was so excited to sink my teeth into my natural territory, which is the packaging and the bottle," he said. "I wanted each person to feel like they were getting a little piece of art -- a little jewel -- so that they'd think: 'Wow, a person really touched this.'"

For the scent itself, Lauren turned to renowned perfumer Ralf Schweiger (his past efforts include Marc Jacobs Men and Yves St. Laurent Baby Doll), asking him to craft a fragrance that reflected some of the common themes in the artist's work.

"I wanted the contradictory themes of strength and vulnerability, pain and beauty," Lauren said. "I literally asked [Schweiger] if there was a scent that we could find that would make you cry and make you smile at the same time -- that’s what I wanted."

The result is a unisex fragrance described as "a combination of tonka beans, vanilla, and marine notes." Perhaps it was because Lauren had mentioned crying, but our first sniff gave us a distinct impression of salty and sweet and evoked the image of one's true love sitting in a scented bubble bath, warm tears streaming down her face and pooling atop a vanilla sundae.

Joining Lauren to celebrate the scent were his wife, actress and current "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Elizabeth Berkley; Berkley's "DWTS" dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy; Paula Abdul; Mariel Hemingway; artist Ally Hilfiger; shoemaker of the moment George Esquivel and LACMA chief executive and director Michael Govan and his wife, Katherine Ross.

Greg Lauren for Barneys New York is the second in the retailer's designer fragrance collection (the first, with L'Wren Scott, came out last November), and the 2,500 limited-edition 100-milliliter bottles are priced at $195 each and are available exclusively through Barneys. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lady Gaga Warns Fans Against Her Pee Perfume!

Lady Gaga wears an iridescent coat as she leaves the Sirius XM Studios after promoting ARTPOP on Tuesday (November 12) in New York City.

“NAPTIME, zzzzz zzzz. Album release week is kicking my ass! #ARTPOP IS OUT NOW! (sorry they programmed my robot to say that.) #PromoGa” the 27-year-old entertainer tweeted after her interview!

“So @Andy told me they made perfume out of my pee from the trash in WWH dressing room (long story) U HAVE BEEN WARNED IF HE TRIES TO SPRITZ U” Gaga wrote earlier in the day about her appearance on Watch What Happens Live – watch out for her pee perfume! LOL!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Calyx, The '80s Cult Scent Is Back

As we float in a sea of fruity florals, it's hard to believe that at one point, the concept of putting guava and grapefruit in a fragrance was practically unheard of. Go back 27 years though, and the most popular scents were thick, rich, spicy concoctions — think Obsession, Poison, Giorgio. The fragrances mirrored the over-the-top fashion of the decade, when a "more is more" mantra reigned. It was the '80s, after all.

Then, in 1986, Sophia Grojsman developed Calyx, a like-nothing-else perfume that shook up the status quo with its lightness and greenery. Calyx delivers a swift rush of citrus at first sniff. The florals that develop afterward are lush, fertile, green, energetic, vivid. (Perfume writer Chandler Burr has gone so far as to call Calyx "viscerally alive.")

Calyx was originally under the Prescriptives umbrella, where it lived until the brand disappeared from counters in 2009. Along with the cosmetics, the fragrance became available only online, where — let's be real — few people were likely to discover it. This month, though, Calyx returns to counters. Now owned by Clinique, it retains the same formula as it did in 1986, and it somehow still stands out from other fruity florals. Everything old is new again, and we couldn't be happier.
Clinique Calyx, $52 to $69, available at Clinique.

Chemically Sensitive Find Sanctuary In Fragrance-Free Churches

KIRKLAND, Wash. -- The Rev. Kara Markell, pastor of Lake Washington Christian Church, recalled how "unbreathable" it often became inside her previous church in Texas.

Sunday best, for some people, includes ample amounts of smell-nice. The idea that perfumes may pose health risks may never cross the mind.

But nestled in the woods of a Seattle suburb, Markell's new parish offers a sanctuary from scents. A fragrance-free campaign asks members and visitors to forego perfumes, after-shave and scented lotions on Sundays. Meanwhile, the church is swapping out perfumed products throughout the building, including cleaners, candles, air fresheners and bathroom soaps.

"I love it," said Markell. Cleaner air that gives a reprieve to chemical-sensitive churchgoers ties in with her congregation's "green church" designation as well as its position on "inclusion."

Centuries of men and women have sought out sweet scents for the pleasure of themselves and others. Perhaps nowhere is that more evident than a church sanctuary filled with fragrant candles and a cocktail of colognes. As a verse in the Bible's book of Proverbs reads, "Ointment and perfume delight the heart."

Full Article

Friday, November 15, 2013

India slaps duty on US, EU imports of chemical used in perfume

New Delhi: India has imposed anti-dumping duty of up to USD 0.36 a kg on import of a chemical, used in manufacture pharmaceuticals and fragrance products, from EU, US and Korea to protect domestic players from cheap shipments.

"The anti-dumping duty imposed (on Methylene Chloride) under this notification shall be levied for a period not exceeding six months...," said the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) in the Revenue Department.

The duty has been imposed to discourage the import based on recommendation of the Directorate General of Anti Dumping and Allied Duties (DGAD).

Acting on the complaint of Chemplast Sanmar and Gujarat Fluorochemicals, the DGAD had carried out a preliminary probe into the imports and concluded that "subject goods (Methylene Chloride) have been exported to India from the subject countries (EU, US and Korea) below its normal value...(and) the domestic industry has suffered material injury".

The initial probe found that material injury has been caused by the dumped imports of the chemicals.

Countries initiate anti-dumping probes to check if domestic industry has been hurt because of a surge in below- cost imports. As a counter-measure, they impose the duty, which is WTO compatible.


RuPaul To Release "Glamazon," Cosmetics And Fragrance Line

"Supermodel of the World" RuPaul Charles announced his next big move this week -- taking the world of beauty and cosmetics by storm.

Partnering with Colorevolution, RuPaul is slated to release his first line of unisex fragrances and cosmetics on Nov. 21, appropriately branded as "Glamazon."

“Glamazon is for women and men of all ages and preferences who share one thing in common: They are not afraid to be fierce," Rupaul stated, according to World of Wonder. "For me, glamour should be accessible to all, and I am committed to helping the world look and smell more beautiful."

Glamazon gift boxes reportedly include a waterproof eye pencil, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, lip gloss and liquid eyeliner. They will be available through both Ricky’s NYC and Colorevolution.

We certainly know what we want in our stockings this holiday season!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Roller Girl: 10 of the Best Portable Perfumes and Essences

If you've ever been beauty shopping in the United States, you'll have noticed that there's one thing in particular that isn't readily available back home: rollerball perfume. Often the little sister version of big name fragrances, these teensy tiny glass tubes house divine scents that are easily popped into your handbag or clutch. Here in Australia, there hasn't been quite as much love for the rollerball — until now.

Spearheaded by organic perfumers and aromatherapists, rollberballs are back, and this time around they're multi-purpose. From soft fragrant oils that leave your skin supple, to aromatherapy essences that ease your mind at the end of the day, these are clever (and inexpensive) little bag buddies. And of course, some just smell pretty! Click through to shop our top 10 options, from the likes of Marc Jacobs, Kiehl's, Leila Lou and more. . .

To View The Gallery 

Global jury panel meet over perfume awards

The Fragrance Foundation Arabia (FFA) recently hosted a jury panel meeting of its annual FiFi Awards at the Musée International de la Parfumerie Grasse, France to evaluate and determine the winners of the Perfume Oscars.

Present at the meeting were Shahzad Haider, chairman Fragrance Foundation Arabia; Noëlie Malamaire, head of the Musée de Grasse and all jury panel members. The jury panel comprises internationally renowned personalities and industry professionals who are contributing to the perfumery industry globally.

Every year the Fragrance Foundation Arabia organizes the prestigious FiFi Awards at different exclusive locations such as previously the Burj Khalifa (2012) and in its fourth edition on October 30 at the Conrad hotel.

For the first time, FFA held its jury meeting in a museum, that is historically located at the capital of perfumery, Grasse in France. The involvement of regional and international fragrance experts in the jury panel determine the winners of the eight categories for Arabic and International fragrances within the 'Fragrance of the year Awards'. The 'Retailer of the Year Awards' and 'My favorite Perfume of the Year' Awards will be decided through a consumer online voting that is open till October 29.

Perfume lovers can join and vote for their favorite scent via

Judging mechanism

Jury panel members are experiencing nominated fragrances through a three phase evaluation where the session is regulated and moderated by the head of the jury panel, Ali Jaber.

The process is aligned to the international judging process that is set by the Global Fragrance Foundation headquartered in NYC, United States of America. According to the standards the first phase of the judging mechanism comprises the evaluation of fragrances in seven criteria (inspecting the fragrance in its aesthetic appeal and scent).  Evaluation forms consist of a pointing system from 0-3 (0 for not appealing and 3 for highest score).

The second phase allows the jury panel members to openly discuss the fragrances and if required rethink their evaluation made in the first phase and possibly correct their mark.

The judging mechanism is anonymous and jury panel members are excluded from the evaluation of their own manufactured fragrances. – TradeArabia News Service

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Provenance Tales Perfume Collection

Provenance Tales, is a new perfume collection that is wonderfully designed! The bottle being textured and colored black is a definite stand out. The inspiration behind this design is that of the four elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth - something that comes through the design of the bottle with the textured features.

"Trinity of opulent scents that shape the second collection. Each fragrance glows with the power of divination, manifesting its auspicious story through a beautifully crafted aroma that promises a more vibrant, magical way of living. Choose from shadowed-grey flacon engraved with fire, horns or wings and revel in the release of your personal augury."


Experts discuss what factors drive fragrance sales

Is it the smell of the fragrance, the image of the brand or the way they are communicated? Industry experts took the stage at the third IFRA UK Fragrance Forum to discuss.

Greg Lauren on His Foray Into Fragrance

With his fifth ready-to-wear collection behind him, the 43-year-old L.A. artist-turned-designer Greg Lauren will make his fragrance industry debut on Tuesday, when his namesake unisex fragrance hits shelves at the Barneys New York flagship on Madison Avenue. “I thought this would have the same emotional themes that I’d want to express in my collection, which never feels like a fragment is made for men and another for women,” said Lauren, a nephew of Ralph Lauren. The exclusive scent is the second in the luxury department store’s designer fragrance collection, which started in 2012 with a L’Wren Scott creation. Made by the New York perfumer Ralf Schwieger, whose work includes Lipstick Rose by Frédéric Malle and Eau des Merveilles by Hermès, the blend’s sweet aroma is built around tonka beans, vanilla and coconut, offset by a musky veil of sandalwood, amber and moss.

“In working directly with an artist, it is up to me to translate his ideas and emotions into a scent,” said Schwieger, who used a visit to Lauren’s showroom as a jumping-off point for the fragrance. “Once I have a feel for the scent and the basic structure is in place, I have to fine-tune it, like working on a sculpture.” And the final product is a work of art, literally: Lauren decorated each bottle so that no two are the same. Here, he reflects on what he learned from the process, his favorite ingredients and whether he plans to expand his new footing in the beauty industry.

What was your first experience with fragrance?
 It was absolutely Ralph Lauren Polo. That was the first time I was exposed to the power of something. The imagery is so iconic and so classic. It’s one of the greatest smells out there. I later used my wife’s perfume Comptoir Sud Pacifique in the Vanille Abricot or Vanille Extreme scents, which she has been wearing for 15 years. Right now, I’m going through the Greg Lauren for Barneys New York prototype tester bottles. It’s funny, I’ll think: “Yeah, this one had too much pear, but I’m gonna go with it.”

Full Interview Can Be Found Here 

Fragrance of the Week: Paul Smith Portrait For Men

Since getting into the perfume business at the turn of the century Paul Smith has put his name to over 30 fragrances for both men and women, often created with the help of some of the sharpest noses in the business. Now the man is back with a new collaborator - magnificently hirsute model and perfumier Barnabe Fillion, who has previously featured in Smith's ad campaigns.

This scent has been created by drawing on the designer's experiences while travelling, not just in the bottle (which is supposedly a mash-up of a water flask and a camera), but also in the essences spliced up inside: cardamom and pink pepper from Indian spice markets, myhrr from Moroccan souks and green tea from Japan, all held together with woody undertones of cedar and Tolu balsam. Fresh, masculine and warm, but not heavy, all in all it's the kind of easy-to-wear scent that is going to fit whatever dress code the day demands.

£39 for 40ml.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kerry Washington - Kerry Washington's roles inspired by perfume

Kerry Washington says perfume helps her get into character.

The 36-year-old star switches up her scent every time she is cast in a new role to help her embody the new part, and goes for a simple yet chic fragrance to play high powered political fixer Olivia Pope in hit show 'Scandal'.

She told People magazine: ''Whenever I play a different character I change my scent. Perfume can really set a tone or a mood in a room. Olivia needs to be neutral in the workplace.''

Kerry has recently been unveiled as the new face of skincare brand Neutrogena and believes the role is perfect for her because her acting work has given her a real understanding of make-up.

She said: ''I live and work in makeup so I have a perspective on how a lip colour works after eight hours on the set or an hour on the red carpet ... I'm so grateful for the hairstylist and makeup artist on ['Scandal']. I roll out of bed at 4 a.m. and sit in the chair at 4:30 and they transform me into that person.''

Kerry - who will star in Neutrogena's new campaign as well as being the company's creative consultant - thinks the job is a natural fit as she is passionate about all things beauty.

The brunette stunner enthused: ''I will not go to bed with makeup on so it's great to have a product that will get it off without leaving my skin too oily or dry. Now I can be on an adventure with my fans where I'll be able to hear feedback on the products.''


Iconic Miss Dior fragrance to get its own museum exhibit in Paris

The first perfume created by Christian Dior in 1947 is, 66 years later, an olfactory icon and the subject of a special retrospective exhibit at the Galerie Courbe of Paris's Grand Palais, from November 13 to 25.

The exhibition "Esprit Dior, Miss Dior" turns the spotlight on the French brand's signature fragrance as well as on the history of Dior and the couturier's sources of inspiration and artistic influences.

For the exhibition, 15 female artists were asked to create a work that touches upon some aspect of the emblematic fragrance, drawing inspiration from the bottle and its bow, the juice itself or the face of Miss Dior, Natalie Portman.

As well as recounting the story of Miss Dior, the exhibition delves into the history of the couture house through a presentation of archival documents and photos and Dior couture gowns.

"Esprit Dior, Miss Dior" runs November 13-25 at the Grand Palais, Paris.

'Miss Dior' exhibition - Teaser

Five Under-the-Radar Perfumers You Need to Know

I’m always on the hunt for a signature scent. Something that smells undeniably like me. And since seasonal shifts mean whole new color palettes and beauty regimens, what better time than now to find a new perfume to reinvent myself? Plus, I recently took a perfumery class, which piqued my curiosity about how professional perfumers work.

I set out to meet some of the most inventive niche perfumers, who are making small batches of perfume that last for a few seasons, until it’s time to create something new. In today’s world of mass marketing and celebrity fragrances, finding a niche scent that no one else knows about feels even more special. Frederick Bouchardy, a founder of the Elements Perfume Showcase (a twice-yearly event which is a great place to discover new fragrances) and Joya perfumes, summed it up best. “I want to do this for a long time. I want it to not be everywhere,” he said. “I want people who love it to not smell it on everyone else.”

HYLNDS by D.S. & Durga, Spirit of the Glen, $180

Scent Story: David Moltz, the nose behind D.S. & Durga, just launched a new line called HYLNDS. His travels and hikes yield some of his greatest discoveries. “I want to be able to make a story. I want someone to close their eyes and smell and be brought to that specific time and place,” Moltz said. “I’m really into doing tremendous amounts of historical research. I try to figure out aromatic cues that might help paint that picture.”

Smells Like: The accords in this scent are inspired by all aspects of whiskey production. It “opens fresh and fruity, releases oak in the heart, and finishes with rich, vanillic wood reminiscent of The Glenlivet 18.”

Full Article