Sunday, May 29, 2011

People Go Wild For Ralph Lauren Wild

If you are in the market for a scent that is both sweet cherry-like with a hit of musk then Ralph Lauren Wild is your target. This is one of the true scents that lasts a long time when you wear it. I've had many women ask my wife for the name of the perfume. Men like myself are helpless against it! After all what's not to like.

Roa also enjoys the to like it a lot, and many have asked her so many times where they could buy it for their girlfriends/wives. She says this is the best scent that smells fresh and kind of berryish. In the past she has not been too keen on cherry smell, but not with Ralph Lauren Wild.

So again if you are into fruity, floral, and musky aspects, then give it a whiff. The musky is the least prevalent, and isn't detectable until I've worn it for several hours. Luckily, this particualr scent is available in many outlets with that comes the trouble with imitations and knockoff off so keep that in mind. I know Wild is one of those fragrances that I will be gifting to my sisters back home once I return home.

The Lamb of Gwen Stefani Smells

This scent is a citrusy floral fragrance that is a result of the notes used in its creation. But the first impression you get is misleading. I thought it was soapy and fresh. These notes are lotus flower, green mango, sycamore wood, aromatic rushes and others. To my better luck this one of the few mainstream scents out there that are unisex. Not only can I enjoy the scent, but I can also take it with me. For a man with come with a hint of sweet.

I love the green mango elment awhich helps usher this scent into your senses. This is all due to the grapefruit note and this is the perfect entrance for this fragrance. Green mango is also contained in the first layer and this adds a bit of greenness, but it works well. It's a complex fragrance but made in a perfect balance, no one element tried to overpower the rest.

Roa was given a set of this for her birthday and I gotta say, I felt I was getting the present. The lotions come in handy with a complimentary scent and so does the body wash. One another note, they need to redesign the cover, it's so hard to read the lingo on the box, I know Gwen goes for odd twisted lyrics in her music, but when I buy something I like to read the story and the literature. Also black is not the right color for this floral arrangement.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Live Luxe Perfume By J Lo

Jennifer Lopez and perfumes go hand in hand, no other Hollywood celebrities sell as many as this talented entertainer can. She has half a dozen of female fragrance that sell all over the country and sell well. Glow was her biggest hit, but my Luxe Love is the one that Roa seems to like.

Even the empty bottle meant a lot to Roa, she did not want to thrwo away. Live Luxe Perfume by Jennifer Lopez, Live lux by jennifer lopez was introduced in 2006 as a feminine scent. Top notes include peach, pear then blending into freesia, honeysuckle and muguet. Finishing off with amber, musk, sandalwood and vanilla. Love the honeysuckle addition and the peach is always welcome.

Catch a whiff of to find out how much of a delightful scent this really is. It's made in the honor of how many beloved brand name fragrance used to be made.

This is for casual wear that leaves you smelling fresh and most of all happy. I know I am happy whenever I smell it on Roa. I think we picked that one from the Marshall store out here in DC, but many online retails sell it as well. Give it a shot if you haven't' already.

Black Rue 21 Spring Into Action

Back in college one of my favorite style stores was Rue 21, they just seemed to offer the stuff I like, color, cuts and fashion. I liked their denim and jackets, but mostly I liked their shirt collection. Back then I did not pay attention to their fragrance collection or maybe they just had none.

Until last summer when I was in one of Utah's Rue 21 stores, and I picked up a bottle of Black, one of three male cologne. The good news, it goes for $9.99 making it a bargain. I liked it because it suits a modern man like myself who like to spray it on his way to work or for some casual night activities.

When I tested scent I knew I had smelled something like this combination before, an Ed Hardy (Tiger). While this is a pleasant smell, it's not too strong making it just right. On the downside, it does not last for long...just like a quick splash of freshness. You will instantly notice tangy citrus with traces of mandarin and lemon with a hint of modern musk.

Jordin Sparks Perfume Delivers

The former American Idol contestant has a great voice and charisma that helped her make a great career, but she has also released a fragrance, I picked for Roa this past Valentine Day and boy was she excited. Because of You is the name of the product and that's how Roa feels and I love it too.

It comes in a gift set with a body lotion-Roa seems to never have enough of these. The smell is entertaining like a good song that hits many notes. I like how it smells different every time she puts it....this is not for people who want to be boring. We are happy to see a celebrity perfume that.

Clementine, organ blossom, Vanilla bean and sheer musk, what else can go wrong, this seems to combine a number of varying elements for the perfect smell. We picked it at a Rainbow dress store for an affordable price. So do not break the bank and smell your best

Salvador Dali Colorful Fragrance

Few years ago, I visited the Salvador Dali Museum St. Petersburg, Florida, of course the art was nothing short of the work of genius like this notable Spanish painter. We all know about the melting clock, but another thing of his melted my the store of the museum, they have a collection of fragrances that were either introduced by Dali or inspired by his work.

Yes, they had both women and men stuff and I tested what they had and in instant, I was a fan of his collocation of both fresh and spicy. I headed out and started a search to buy his collection of fragrance and I bought 4 of them, one include the ocean secret.

The most iconic bottle is the one I posted a picture of above, the kissing lips, and this is the spice one that I know many males abroad will appreciate as well as many men here. But I am more into the fresh and the ocean smell. I am guessing the spice scent it meant for hotter places. The Dali mix black does wonders and it's one of those scents that are heard to miss, so you get your attention if you are looking for it.

Again, if you get a change to find these in a local store, please do and try them for yourself, if not, then search online, there are plenty of options. I did in more than one occasion found them in those little shops in the mall, but to see the collection you must look online. I know this one smell that I did not regret converting too.

How Eternity Should Smell!

Just opened my first Eternity cologne I got for my birthday and believe it, this one iconic scent that smells as fresh as they come. Must have in every modern man closet becasue this one does two things:

  1. Makes you feel good and boasts your game confidence
  2. Provides people with something awesome to smell
  3. It also indicates you are no fool and allow you to set the bar of style higher
Also for me my wife approves and recommend this one for the ladies as well either buy the female version or give it to that special one. It's aslo available in plenty of stores and online as well. Just stay away from the fakers out there.