Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Ten Essential Perfume Tips To Live By

Remember most fragrance have complex ingredients, some have as many as a 300 items going into their making, and the fragrance with the most oil at least 22 percent is perfume  everything else will be lighter--which means it won't stick around longer.

  1. Choosing a perfume has its moments. The time of day, venue of purchase, one's moods, and even skin type plays its part. So know these factors, something that you might like today, might not be that special tomorrow. 
  2. Perfumes do not smell the same to different people. Exactly right, the sooner you realize this, the sooner you know each of us is really unique. 
  3. Different people have different reactions to the fragrance. What might give you allergies, may give your next door girlfriends a boyfriend. Your husband might hate a certain perfume, but his brother might gift it to all the ladies he comes across. 
  4. You could find yourself not liking your own perfume choice, after some time. Naturally  we grow, and out tastes change just like in food. 
  5. With changing body temperature and body chemistry, scent and fragrance change in smell too. Pay close attention to season change and travel arrangements. Keep on mind, the fragrance won't smell the same after a day at the gym or a day spent hiking.  
  6. Fragrances stay longer on some skin types. With dry skin, fragrances do not stay as long as on oily skins. so make sure to moisturize well. 
  7. Applying a layer of non perfumed oil skin lotion, before putting on perfume, may help perfume stay longer. This is why ladies always smell that dudes, they are almost never low on lotions
  8. The best spots to apply perfume are the pulse points like wrists; inside of elbows, inside of knees, neck and cleavage--if you have one.
  9.  Do not rub the perfumes upon application. Let's it go to work the way it's intended to, 
  10. Perfumes on clothes will not help much either. I am guilty    

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