Friday, December 27, 2013

5 Things You Didn't Know About Perfume, Courtesy Of Frédéric Malle

We like to consider ourselves pretty scent-sitive (har, har) when it comes to fragrance. As our perfume preferences have evolved, we're finally able to sniff out top and base notes — and sometimes even the layers in between. But, like our favorite multi-dimensional fragrances,there's a lot more to perfume than meets the nose. The man with a firm grasp on all its many nuances? Frédéric Malle.

And, lucky for us, his newly relaunched website is a goldmine of tips and tricks for choosing and applying fragrance. Case in point: Though we religiously put perfume on our pulse points, it might be wise to spritz it in our hair instead. Because of the slight oiliness of hair and the heat emitted from the head, scent has more staying power and will diffuse throughout the day. But, Malle cautions, “Be careful not to spray hair too often, as the alcohol contained in the fragrance might dry it.”

Click on over to Beautylish to learn four more little-known facts about fragrance from the mix master himself. (Beautylish)

5: More expensive doesn’t mean better.

Even as a purveyor of high-end fragrances, Malle admits that price is often a marketing tool used to “position” perfumes. “Fragrances are like food; they can be delicious and cheap. A talented perfume can make a great fragrance for little money,” he writes. The brand prices its products based on the cost of its raw materials and their concentration (“like a restaurant that sells a dish made with caviar for more than something cooked with eggs and potatoes!”). Also, synthetic-based perfumes can be more expensive than natural ones, which feels counterintuitive given the price of some organic and natural skin care lines on the market. This is because rare, high-tech raw materials are often more expensive than natural oils and essences.

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