Saturday, December 21, 2013


Every year the perfume industry rakes in millions of dollars selling scented liquid. Faun Chapin and Megan Paradise, founders of the branding agency Guts and Glory, wanted to test their luck in the industry by creating a signature scent that blends together “the purest and most essential elements.” The fragrance is so pure that it only contains water and air.

The Helvetica scent might seem like some dodgy branding stunt driven completely by profit, but it is actually a genuine attempt to critique the perfume industry, as well as the commercialization of water. The duo wants people to realize there is nothing wrong with having a natural human scent, and that perfume is “an amazing category of absurdity in a lot of way.”

2 ounces of Helvetica (read: two ounces of water) is retailing for $62. Just in case you feel like you’ve been duped, the fragrance bottle is printed with 24-karat gold. If you aren’t happy with your purchase (or if you are more of a Times New Roman person), you can return the bottle for a full refund.

The Helvetica

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