Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wear perfume according to personality

The fragrance you wear goes a long way in reflecting your personality type. Here's how you can match the two.

For the party girl: If you're an extrovert who loves to let her hair down, opt for fruity and floral blends that will reflect your charm instantly. Avoid amber or vanilla fragrances which are often said to be soporific.

For the traveller: Colognes are a good option if you are a globetrotter. Lavender and citrusflavours work the best since they keep you rejuvenated in the hot weather.

For the multi-tasking mum: If you are a working woman and have to tend to your kid's needs as soon as you return home, you need a fragrance that will last through the day. Go for unfussy fragrances that match your laid-back look and avoid arousing, oriental scents.

For the introvert: Studies show that shy, introverted women are more attracted to oriental scents composed of ingredients like musk and vanilla.

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