Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kim Kardashian "Pure Honey" Will Make 5 Millions

Love her or hate her, everything Kim Kardashian touches usually turns to gold across the globe too. The Kardashian empire expands even further to include Kim’s new ‘Honey’ Perfume–Get all the details on her sixth fragrance launch, ‘Pure Honey,’ here Kim Kardashian, 32, is all set to launch her next perfume: a sweet and feminine honey-scented eau de parfum this year. 

Though Kim Kardashian is currently promoting her True Reflection perfume, the star has revealed that she's already created yet another new fragrance set to hit the shelves in September. This is her sixth fragrance (Pure Honey, True Reflection, Glam, Gold, Love and the signature Kim Kardashian fragrance) and will land in early fall, this scent marks a completely new direction for her fragrance collection. 

To keep her massive fragrance collection from feeling repetitive, Kim is introducing a sweet honey scent to her woodsier, floral collection. ”This one to me represents pure femininity; it’s really warm and inviting,” she said as she described the scent to WWD. Made with raw wild honeycomb and rose petals, Kim’s latest eau de parfum will definitely be a distinct part of her line. 

“I am super involved from start to finish — on bottle design to ad campaign. I had this really great honey idea, so we moved away from just florals,” she told the site. She was also very involved in putting her signature spin on the bottle’s design. Kim’s relationship with fragrance is long standing: she even picks up unique scents and artistic bottles from her extensive world travels. 

That worldly inspiration is echoed in the look of her liquid gold perfume.“I wanted to make sure that it had the little bee on it,” she said. The tiny bee is definitely an adorable addition to the chic glass bottle. “Pure Honey” serves as a departure from Kim’s previous perfumes, which all included white floral ingredients. I love hoe she picks different stores for each of her fragrance, this makes sure she reaches more audience and different demographics. 

Selling between $55 (50-ml) and $68 (100-ml) a bottle at Lord & Taylor and Belk, it is predicted that “Pure Honey” will generate $5 million in retail sales during its first five months globally. Like we said before, pure money, honey!

‘Pure Honey’ is set to launch worldwide in September 2013, in Lord & Taylor and Belk stores. By that time, she should be a mother.

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