Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reviewing The Estee Lauder Mini Bottles Perfume Set

Cannot make up your mind on what perfume to get? Not sure if the person you want to give a perfume to as a gift likes a certain fragrance? No need to panic, go with the set. This gift set includes 5 of your favorite Estee Lauder Fragrances: Beautiful Love EDP 4.7ml, Beyond Paradise EDP 4ml, Sensuous EDP 4ml, Pure White Linen EDP 4ml, Pleasures EDP 4ml Fragrances include notes of fresh cut flowers rose jasmine and carnation. With fruity notes of citrus melon peach and plum; citrus and florals with lower notes of sweet woods and vanilla; fresh florals including jasmine rose berry moss and amber

I pretty much only purchase Estee Lauder perfumes and I tell anyone that will buy perfume for me as a gift that this is all I wear. I purchased this product on a flight to the Caribbean a few years ago. I love Estee Lauder so this was perfect for me. I travel quite a bit for pleasure and I always like to smell nice when I get where I am going. Since you cannot take anything over 3 oz. on a flight for carryon, this is the perfect size for traveling.

For those who  love to experiment with perfumes, and this great collection of Estee Lauder mini bottles has scents you may have used or samples before and longed to use again. You get to try them all including Pleasures before, and now that I've actually worn it for a few days, it's become a new favorite that I'll certainly purchase for myself.

This is an amazing find. My wife loves Estee Lauder and especially loves the mini collections. To find this set was a stroke of luck. It was in great condition. The package wasn't even open and the seller was very prompt with mailing it. It will be the perfect Christmas gift.

On the plus side, the TSA won't throw those away from your carry on. The bottles are a little smaller than they appear online, but this is a good bargain for the price. I like having a variety of scents to wear from day to day, and this makes that possible w/o having to purchase bigger bottle of each scent.

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